Whiteshell Through the Lens: Anne Klassen Wildlife Photography


Whether it’s a bald eagle soaring through a bluebird sky, a wolf running across a frozen snow-covered lake, or three tiny black bear cubs scrambling up a tree, the breathtaking photo opportunities in the Whiteshell Provincial Park are second to none. If there’s anyone who knows how to capture these moments through a camera lens, it’s Manitoba wildlife photographer Anne Klassen.


Anne Klassen’s passion lies in tracking down different forms of wildlife for the perfect photo opportunity. The self taught photographer got into wildlife photography as a hobby about 15 years ago, although she’s had a strong interest in it her entire life.

The Whiteshell Provincial Park is Klassen’s #1hotspot to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments. While she isn’t a cottager in the Whiteshell, Klassen always stops in year round’ to visit her favourite remote photography locations. Dressed in camouflage and sitting in a blind for hours on end, Klassen finds tracks these photo opportunities much like a hunter, except the only shooting going on is through a camera lens.


Out of all the wildlife Klassen has come into close contact with, her all-time favourite animal to photograph are black bears in the Whiteshell. You may have seen some of Klassen’s black bear photography prints available for purchase at Keystone Resort in West Hawk Lake. If you are interested in purchasing any prints of Klassen’s photos, give her a call at 1-(204)-224-5188 or send her an e-mail at chico@mts.net.

 Experience the Whiteshell  will be showcasing Klassen’s work in our ‘Wildlife of the Month’ feature. Be sure to check back each month to see what incredible moment in the Whiteshell this wildlife photographer has captured.

Article by Marney Blunt, Experience the Whiteshell editor.

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