The Road From Falcon Lake To Sochi

Falcon Lake’s local Olympic biathlete is on the home stretch to the Sochi 2014 Olympics, her second Olympic games.

Imrie has recently left Ruhpolding, Germany, where she raced a couple races while struggling with jet lag, she says. She now in Antholz, Italy, where she will be racing the final world cup race before the big event in Russia. Image“I’m finished with the jet lag,” said Imrie in a recent newsletter update. “And just like we would sometimes do in an open field with our horses: I just want to get on my skis and let them run.”

As she travels from country-to-country to race, Imrie receives support from many, including the Rocky Mountain Soap Company. The company is selling their limited edition Great White North Soap with all proceeds going toward Imrie’s Olympic journey. For all you Manitobans, the soap is available at the Rocky Mountain Soap store in Polo Park Shopping Centre.

Tomorrow in Italy, Imrie will be competing in a sprint race followed with pursuit and relay races on the weekend. Her parents have flown in from Manitoba and are there to cheer her on as she makes her last laps before heading into the Olympics.

Experience the Whiteshell would like to wish Megan Imrie the best of luck in her races this weekend. Go Megan go!


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