Hike McGillivray Falls

IMG_8873McGillivray Falls is a beautiful self-guided hiking trail in the Whiteshell located off Highway 44 close to Caddy Lake. The spring season is the best time of the year to check out this hiking trail as the rapids are rushing from McGillivray Lake into Caddy Lake – Just be sure to bring water-proof footwear!
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IMG_0879 copyThe waterfalls are located at the beginning of the hiking trail and from there you can either hike a short 2.8 km loop or take the 4.6 km loop that takes you all the way to McGillivray Lake. Once past the waterfall, the trail winds along the McGillivray creek towards the lake, with a few great lookout spots along the way. Sometimes in the spring the start of the trail is flooded out from the waterfall, so unless you’re equipped with rubber boots, there is a detour you can take around to get around the waterfall.

Trail map of McGillivray Falls.

Trail map of McGillivray Falls.

IMG_2975 copyYou can also take a right turn from the waterfalls and hike along some beautiful tall rock cliffs that can have excellent blueberry picking in the summertime.
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A little history: Research shows that McGillivray Falls is very young in geological time. Barriers of bedrock have kept the channel in the early stages, and it is expected that after several thousands of years, McGillivray Falls will erode down to a smooth channel. The stream flowing out of McGillivray Lake follows a natural channel that was created by a glacier approximately 10,000 years ago. If it wasn’t for this glacier-cut channel, the stream would not be there as granite rock is very resistant to water erosion.IMG_2981 copyCome check out the rapids and the beautiful hiking trail at McGillivray Falls this May long weekend! More information on the trail can be found at the West Hawk Parks Office or here.

3 thoughts on “Hike McGillivray Falls

  1. The comment about the trail area being a rich blueberry ground in summer is certainly accurate. I recall picking blueberries near the trail for decades back, and even meeting a bear picking berries there one time. (We kept to our own preferred patches, and there were no hard feelings).

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