Whiteshell Business: Falcon Beach Ranch

IMG_9270In Falcon Lake back in 1970s, there was a little ranch that was up for sale that consisted of twelve horses, a small barn, and a trailer. That little ranch now has 35 horses, seven ponies, sheep, chickens, a gift shop, and three beautiful log rental cabins and is now known as the Falcon Beach Ranch.

Murray Imrie had purchased the ranch in 1978 along with a friend. At the time his down payment was a horse and a saddle.

Murray, who had grown up in rodeo, definitely had his work cut out for him – Training the horses, fixing up the fences and tack. Eventually he had the ranch in good form.

After Murray and his wife, Marg Imrie, bought the co-owner out, their next step was to build a home. Along with help from neighbours and friends, they began building a log cabin in the spring time and by the fall they had moved in and got married in the log cabin the following spring.

IMG_9271They stayed in that log cabin until their youngest, Gillian, was due. It was then that they decided they needed more room and started to work on a beautiful log cabin beside the pond that is now their home. The other log cabin became the ranch gift shop and staff housing. In between building the two log cabins, they had built a large storage shed.

“Megan was two days old, and in the morning we looked out and the shed was on fire and it burnt to the ground,” said Marg. “We lost a lot of stuff; tractors and boats. But when you’re young you just keep going. The community actually came and helped clean that up.”

Murray and Marg threw a shed party to help replace the items they lost in the fire.

“We had a live band and the idea was that everybody bring a tool that they had at home to donate to the shed,” said Murray. “It was a big party, there was hundreds of people.”

The party was a helped toward restoring the equipment they lost in the fire. Murray says that he is even still using some of the old tools.

“I remember Alec Young (who owned Alec Young & Associates at the time) brought a chainsaw but it just had the body and no bar on it or anything,” said Murray. “It sat in the shed for four years. Eventually one day I just took it, it still didn’t have a bar on it, and I just gave it a pull and it started up… I thought ‘Holy Smokes! It runs!’ So we got a bar and we still have it. It’s miraculous. That was 1986, and it was old then. It’s probably over forty years old.”

Murray and Marg built their house when their children (Devin, Megan, and Gillian) were little and the ranch began to become more of a year around.

“People kept saying, boy, it’d be nice to stay at your place,” said Marg. “So that was the next step.”

One of the cabins available for rent at the Falcon Beach Ranch. Photo from the Cottager.

One of the cabins available for rent at the Falcon Beach Ranch. Photo from the Cottager.

So in the mid-1990s they built three rental cabins that that are consistent with the quaint and woodsy log-cabin theme of the ranch.  Each cabin includes a master bedroom, loft bedroom, kitchen, and screened-in porch. There is also a communal hot tub and sauna area available to all cabin guests.

Within the next year the ranch will turn over to their son and oldest child, Devin, and his wife, Kendra. Murray and Marg have purchased a home on Barren Lake and plan to stay around and help out on the ranch.IMG_9265

Book your next adventure at the Falcon Beach Ranch:

The trails at Falcon Beach Ranch go through a variety of gorgeous forest terrain of the Canadian Shield. Experienced guides review basic horsemanship and safety before each ride. All rides are guided based on riding ability. The ranch books both group rides and private rides.


The Falcon Beach Ranch also offers specialty rides including:

The Breakfast Ride – Day begins with a home cooked breakfast at the ranch followed by a 1.5 hour trail ride to Barren Lake and back.

The Weiner Roast Ride – 1.5 hour trail ride to Barren Lake and back followed by a campfire and barbeque at the ranch.

Overnight Ride – Experience a real wilderness adventure on an overnight trail ride. This ride includes scenic lookouts, rocky trails, and a deep water crossing while en route to the campsite on the shores of Star Lake. Ride includes a full steak dinner at the campsite and breakfast in the morning.

Steak Barbeque at the Ranch – Scenic one hour trail ride followed by a steak dinner at the ranch.

One of the beautiful views from the trail at Falcon Beach Ranch.

One of the beautiful views from the trail at Falcon Beach Ranch.

If you want to get your kid up in the saddle and controlling the reins, the ranch also offers an extensive lesson programs, children’s camps, birthday parties, and more.

For more information on rides, cabin rentals, and other activities at the ranch, visit falconbeachranch.com.

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