Whiteshell Business: Home 204 Kitchen

safe_image.phpFalcon Lake’s Olympian, Megan Imrie, is back home for the summer and she’s opened a healthy food restaurant in Falcon Lake with two culinary extraordinaires called ‘Home 204 Kitchen’. Imrie, along with brothers Scott and Lisle Edmunds are running Home 204 out of the ski chalet at Falcon Trails Resort on the southeast end of Falcon Lake.

“I knew that these guys (Scott & Lisle Edmunds) had amazing cooking ability and I saw a real need for somewhere to eat in Falcon that had healthy and really good food,” said Imrie. “Coming from the sport background, I wanted to have some place that I felt really good about, that I could eat at almost everyday, and that was athlete-friendly.”

home_204-30 home_204-36
The two Edmunds brothers both have an extensive background in culinary arts and have picked up the different tastes of the world on their travels. Lisle is a graduate of the Red River College Culinary Arts program and has cooked/apprenticed in Asia and all over the world. Scott picked up a wide array of cooking skills on his travels with Imrie, and he often cooked for her while she was training, so he knows how blend a perfect combination of healthy and delicious food.

home_204-46“For us to be able to share the food that we’re making at home anyways and give it to the people was a nice chance to expand our repertoire a little bit and learn a few new things about the community and give back a little bit that way,” said Scott. “It’s very familiar food with us and it’s a menu that we’ve worked really closely with Megan and some of her travels. Lisle has cooked over in the Asia and in many kitchens that direction and we’ve been all over Europe, so it was kind of a chance to take the world and shrink it down a little bit and bring it to the Whiteshell.”

Some delicious items on the menu include:
The Healthy Heat – roasted kale, roasted garlic, roasted chilli flakes, and mozza on a homemade grilled sourdough.
Quinoa & Kale Tabuli – tiny cucumber, carrot, red onion, tomato pieces, and maple curry dressing.
The Hippy Hipster Flatbread – kale, roasted garlic, chilli flakes, and mozza.
The Wild One Flatbread – deer or bison sausage, apple with a thick and rich tomato sauce.

Home 204 Kitchen also offers a variety of soups, sandwiches, appetizers, lattes and a variety of flatbread pizzas. With the new dock by the ski chalet at Falcon Trails, Home 204 is an ideal dinner destination for both cottagers and tourists. Home 204 is also booking catering to cottagers in the area.

All pizza boxes at Home 204 come with fun little personalized notes.

All pizza boxes at Home 204 come with fun little personalized notes.

“To call in your pizza order and boat up to a dock after a day of wakeboarding or being out fishing and come and pick up pizza and then enjoy it again on the lake, I don’t know anywhere that does that,” said Imrie. “That’s something we’re looking forward to people trying.”

Home 204 Kitchen is located at 100 Ridge Road in Falcon Lake. For more information, check out their website at homekitchen204.com, e-mail them at homekitchen204@gmail.com, or call 1(204)380-3278.

–Writeup by Marney Blunt. Photos by Emily Christie.


One thought on “Whiteshell Business: Home 204 Kitchen

  1. We travelled to the whiteshell, falcon lake this weekend.After 2 years of no park fees the government has clamped down.All traffic into Falcon Lake had to stop for checking of a park pass.No one was allowed in without a park pass except for fuel purchase.The officials even asked commercial vehicles with business at the park to purchase a pass.The traffic was backed up all the way to the trans canada highway in both directions.I am so surprised that no one had an accident.
    The businesses in falcon lake must have really suffered this weekend.So many cars just gave up and continued down the highway.This was not a good way to introduce tourists to the area, shame on the officials that decided this needed to happen.

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