Winter is coming…

We’ve had a fabulous fall this year, but with plummeting temperatures and snow in this week’s forecast, it’s becoming clear that the honeymoon with mild temperatures may soon be over.

But in the Whiteshell, that just gives you one more thing to look forward to. Cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling down the trails or through the deep snow on the lakes, winter festivals, or cozying up in the cabin by a warm fire and looking out over a frozen lake; there’s tons of ways to make the most out of winter in the Whiteshell.

Here’s a little video of some snowmobiling across the powdery lakes that may help you get your stoke-on for winter in the Whiteshell this year. Video courtesy of Scott Benson.




Sundown at Star Lake

Calm and quiet lakes, low sunlight sparkling off the water, mist rising in the early morning, mirror image sunsets: It’s no secret that fall is a great time of the year to explore the Whiteshell Provincial Park and snap a few photos.

As we head into freeze up, here’s a series of sunset photos taken in three weekends at Star Lake this fall.

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C: Marney Blunt. (No post-processing).

Weekend #1:

IMG_3624 copy IMG_3631 copy IMG_3638 copy IMG_3641 copyWeekend #2:

IMG_3670 copy IMG_3712 copy IMG_3716 copy IMG_3717 copyWeekend #3:

IMG_3779 copy IMG_3784 copy

Dock ladder to heaven.

Dock ladder to heaven.