Pray for the Whiteshell

The forest fire on the Manitoba-Ontario border continues to burn out of control.

Since Thursday, the wildfire has expanded from 200 hectares to about 2,800 hectares on Monday. On Tuesday, reports said the fire grew to to approximately 5,200 hectares.

Approximately 100 homes were evacuated from Ingolf, Ontario Thursday night. Remote cabins on north shore West Hawk Lake were also evacuated over the weekend.

Strong winds over the weekend caused the wildfire to worsen, and forced the evacuation of about 50 cottages and homes on the east shore of Caddy Lake Monday morning.

Water bombers continue to scoop up water and pour it on the fire, which is a threat to Caddy Lake, Nora Lake, Florence Lake, and MacDougalls landing on West Hawk Lake.

The fire is dangerously close to other lakes in Ontario, including Longpine Lake, Ingolf, Rice Lake, and Macara Lake.

So far, there have been no reports of damage to any properties.

For an interactive map of the fire, please head to the Government of Canada’s Natural Resources website.

Here is a collection of photos of the wildfire, taken in the south Whiteshell over the weekend.

Stay safe, Whiteshellers. For updated information please visit or the Province of Manitoba’s website.


Photos courtesy of: Province of Manitoba, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Shaun Harbottle, Troy Morrison, Barb Schlauderaff-St. Goddard, Cameron Kovachik, Barb Zimmerman, Ian Young, Marney Blunt.




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