Are there Opals in Ontario?

Many coloured varieties of quartz or silica also appear as Ontario place names: agate is used eleven times; amethyst is used five times; flint is used nine times; jasper is used six times; and opal is used once. that amethyst would be Ontario’s official mineral.

Can you find Opal in Ontario?

Canada’s only producing opal mine is found in the North Okanagan. … Each opal stone is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of nature that only you will own.

What gemstones can be found in Ontario?

Ontario’s Superior Country region is lucky to be home of the largest Amethyst deposit in all of Canada. Just 60km east of Thunder Bay (60km west of Nipigon), along the Lake Superior Circle Tour, sits Amethyst Mine Panorama.

Can opal be found in Canada?

“We’ve only ever found a couple of them and this is the nicest we’ve ever found,” Yorke-Hardy says, pegging its value at around $5,000. No two opals are alike, each with its own depth of colour and fire, the brightness of the gemstone. For more information or to schedule a dig, visit the Opal Resources Canada website.

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Where can I mine my own gems in Ontario?

These places are best for mines in Ontario:

  • The Blue Point Amethyst Mine.
  • Historic Iron Mines Caland & Steep Rock.
  • Bruce Mines-Simpson Mine Shaft.
  • Amethyst Mine Panorama.
  • Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine.

Where can I get opal?

It’s clear that Nevada is the best place to find opal in the US, thanks to the world-famous Virgin Valley opal, a remote, fruitful mining district supplying some of the world’s finest black opals.


  • Royal Peacock opal mine.
  • Virgin Opal Bonanza mine.
  • Rainbow Ridge opal mine.

What gemstones can be found in southern Ontario?

Minerals to be found include biotite, calcite, cancrinite, scapolite, sodalite, natrolite, apatite and zircons.

What is the official stone of Ontario?

Gemstone. Amethyst was adopted as Ontario’s official mineral in 1975 to represent the mineral wealth of the province. A form of quartz, amethyst is found in clusters throughout northern Ontario, concentrating around the area of Thunder Bay.

Where can I find garnets in Ontario?

Garnet Group from Ontario, Canada

  • Beryl Pit, Lyndoch Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada.
  • Marmoraton Mine, Marmora Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada.
  • Grace Lake – Burleigh Road roadcut, Dudley Township, Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada.
  • Garnet Group, etc.

What minerals can you find in Ontario?

Economically Important Minerals of Northern Ontario

  • Pyrite.
  • Galena.
  • Sphalerite.
  • Chalcopyrite.
  • Baryte.
  • Calcite.
  • Fluorite.
  • Native silver.

Are Opals agates?

Despite the name, agate opal does not contain agate. The moniker comes from this variety’s resemblance to agate’s signature color banding.

What is opal worth?

Once categorized, opals are sold in price per carat, or weight. Because there are so many opal fields in Australia, there really is no singular form of opal. This means that opal costs can vary from about $10 per carat to approximately $6,000 per carat.

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