Best answer: Can you smoke on patios in Vancouver?

Is smoking allowed on outdoor patios? Under provincial legislation, smoking is allowed on hospitality patios that are not “substantially enclosed.” The doors to the patio must remain closed except to enter or exit the patio. Proprietors are free to designate patios as non- smoking.

Can you smoke on balconies in Vancouver?

Yes. Landlords have the legal right to include a no-smoking clause in all new tenancy agreements to ban smoking in individual units, outdoor balconies and patios or any area of the residential property.

Can you smoke on balconies in BC?

Notwithstanding this smoking prohibition, smoking is allowed on balconies which are designated as limited common property, provided that the smoker maintains strict compliance with the Tobacco Control Act and Regulation, which directs that the smoker must remain a minimum of three (3) meters from the doorway, window or …

Can you smoke on patios in Canada?

Since May 26, 2016, smoking and e-cigarettes are banned on restaurant and bar patios and terraces, playgrounds and sports fields, including a 9 m (30 ft) radius. Smoking in a vehicle with children under 16 is also prohibited.

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Can you smoke on patios?

Alberta: Smoking on patios is prohibited.

Is smoking allowed in apartments in Vancouver?

The Province’s Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act and Regulation. This legislation bans smoking in common enclosed areas of apartment buildings or condominiums (e.g. hallways and laundry rooms) and within six metres of a doorway, open windows or air intake of common enclosed areas.

Can you smoke on condo patio?

In fact, balconies and patios are also common property in most condo developments, so technically it’s against condo bylaws to smoke there, regardless that people consider it their private property; it’s not! … For those allergic to smoke, sensitive to it, or for those with asthma, this is a serious issue.

Can I smoke on my balcony?

Check Local Nonsmoking Laws

Currently, there is no statewide law prohibiting smoking in private residential units in California, such as apartments and condos. … In addition, Burbank prohibits people from smoking in private non-enclosed areas of a unit, such as a balcony or patio.

What can you do if your apartment neighbor smokes?

Your city or county health department or local smokefree coalition can assist you. Even if there isn’t currently a law in your area, there may be efforts underway to track complaints about drifting smoke in housing, encourage landlords to make their buildings smokefree, and other local resources that you can utilize.

Is smoking allowed in balcony?

Hi, as per law people will not allow to smoke in public place, though he uses balcony for smoking place but it will cause nuisance to you so you can lodge a police complaint against him. Smoking in pubic place is prohibited but smoking in private place is not prohibited.

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Is it illegal to smoke indoors?

The United States Congress has not attempted to enact any type of nationwide federal smoking ban in workplaces and public places. Therefore, such policies are entirely a product of first-level jurisdictional, local criminal, and occupational safety and health laws.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

It is perfectly legal for landlords/property owners to adopt policies prohibiting smoking in all indoor areas of their buildings, including in living units or even on their property. There is no legal or constitutional right to smoke.

When did it become illegal to smoke indoors in Canada?

In 1976, Ottawa passed the first municipal smoking bylaw in Canada restricting smoking in indoor public spaces.