Best answer: How do I send my puppy to Canada?

A Veterinary Certificate of Health signed by the veterinarian issued no more than 72 hours before the dog crosses the border. The certificate must clearly identify the animal, confirm age, that it is free of disease and can be transported without undue suffering and has the required vaccinations.

How much does it cost to ship a puppy in Canada?

Terminal fees cover the processing of your animal either within the facility, or through Customs. Within Canada, that fee is $80.00 CAD per shipment, and in the US, it is $70.00 USD per shipment.

How much does it cost to import a dog to Canada?

Pet imports into Canada are duty-free. However, Federal (GST) and/or Provincial tax (PST or HST) are applicable. If paying by credit card a 5% or $7.50 minimum charge for disbursement will be applied. Service fees subject to extra charges where applicable.

Do breeders ship puppies?

Shipping Puppies. Professional dog breeders do not ship dogs and many will not allow young puppies to fly. Responsible breeders want you to drive the puppy home. Trauma from an airplane ride in early puppyhood could scar the puppy for life.

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Is it safe to ship puppies?

With careful planning and when the right choices are made, transporting a puppy by plane or vehicle can both be safe options. When shipping puppies or traveling with other young pets, extra steps need to be taken to ensure their safety.

What paperwork do I need to bring my dog into Canada?

Dogs under eight months that will be entering Canada for resale, breeding purposes, dog shows, scientific research, training or adoption require a rabies vaccination certificate, a microchip, an import permit and a veterinary certificate of health.

What age can you import a puppy?

Vets will require proof that the pet is at least 12 weeks of age upon vaccination, and travellers from the EU and certain other countries (including GB for import into NI) will be required to wait 21 days after the primary vaccination before travel – puppies from these countries will have to be at least 15 weeks of age …

How can I take my dog to Canada?

It is illegal to bring a CITES-listed animal across Canadian and many international borders without the appropriate CITES permit. If you are a resident of Canada and intend to take your pet temporarily and frequently out of Canada strictly for personal purposes, you can apply for a CITES Certificate of Ownership.

How much do breeders charge to ship a puppy?

The cost to ship a dog depends on the distance and needs of the dog. The average cost to ship a dog within 300 miles is $120 to $250. For longer distance shipments, the average cost is $270 to $500.

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Can you ship puppies in the mail?

By Mail. It may surprise you to know that you can ship some animals by mail. Now, no pet owner in their right mind is going to ship their dog or cat through a mail carrier – and they’re not allowed to even if they wanted to. With the exception of FedEx, the shipping of any mammal via mail carrier is prohibited.

What is the best way to ship a puppy?

Your dog flies unaccompanied by you in the cargo area

In this case, you’re sending your dog on the plane without you. Typically, the ticket price is higher if you are not flying on the same plane, and the cost will depend on the size and weight of the crate.