Best answer: How does Canada spell Odour?

Is it spelled odor or odour?

US UK EnglishThe spelling odor is used in American English and the spelling odour is usually used in British English.

How do you spell check in Canada?

For the bank order, the preferred Canadian spelling is cheque, while check is favoured in the United States.

What words are different in Canada?

Here are a few of the staple Canadian slang words used daily.

  • Eh. This is our most popular Canadian saying that we receive the most flack about from the rest of the world. …
  • Loonie. …
  • Tuque. …
  • Washroom. …
  • Double Double. …
  • Two-Four. …
  • Molson Muscle. …
  • Hydro.

Why is odor spelled odour?

The story was first published by The English Review, a UK-based literary magazine, so the spelling can also be said to reflect the editorial standards of that particular publication. The only difference is that “odor” is the American spelling and “odour” is the British spelling for the same word and meaning.

How do you spell smell in Australia?

Here is a handy reference for US visitors to the WMC PR agency website.


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American Spelling Australian Spelling
odor odour
organize organise
program programme
realization realisation

Is it GREY or gray in Canada?

Canadians prefer the spelling grey, although gray is also correct. Grey is the preferred spelling in Britain, while gray is favoured in the United States.

How do you spell Cancelled in Canada?

Is it ‘canceled’ or ‘cancelled’? The AP Stylebook, used by many American news outlets, recommends “canceled” with one L. “Cancelled” with two L’s is clearly the dominant form in British English, which my Canadian and Australian friends tell me is the preferred form in Canadian English and Australian English too.

Do Canadians say check or Bill?

As @picobot says, Americans use “check”, Canadians (and Australians) use “bill”

How do you spell odor in England?

US UK EnglishThe spelling odor is used in American English and the spelling odour is usually used in British English.

Is Saviour British spelling?

Saviour is the British spelling of the same word. It can be used in all the same contexts, as both a common and a proper noun. As you can see from the charts below, which graphs these words in American English and British English respectively, Americans prefer the spelling savior and British writers prefer saviour.

What is the meaning of inflammability?

capable of being set on fire; combustible; flammable. easily aroused or excited, as to passion or anger; irascible: an inflammable disposition.