Can I reuse Amazon boxes to ship Canada Post?

Yes, you can reuse Amazon boxes for your next shipping, whether through the post or courier companies! You have to make sure that you cover the previous labels so that the parcel does not end up delivered to another destination.

Can I use an old Amazon box to ship UPS?

Yes, you absolutely CAN reuse boxes to ship things and it is not necessary AT ALL to remove the logos or other designs on the outside of the box before reusing it. Do, however, remove or cover up the original signature label/panel with any unique shipping instructions on it.

Can you use Fedex boxes for Canada Post?

The service is available to all residential addresses, including P.O. boxes, in Canada and includes around-the-clock shipment tracking status updates via

Does anyone reuse Amazon boxes?

Amazon has a solution to both problems with its partnership with the Give Back Box program, a program that lets Amazon customers reuse Amazon boxes to ship donations for free. … You can donate anything from old clothes and shoes, to old toys and appliances or household goods you no longer use.

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Can you reuse a box for shipping?

It is a common misconception that you have to use a brand new cardboard box for shipping items in. As long as the box is in a good, strong condition, it is absolutely fine to reuse a cardboard box. It is also acceptable if the box already has existing logos or branding on it.

Can I reuse a Canada Post Flat Rate Box?

Other types of boxes can be reused for shipping if they are of good quality and all former package markings, barcodes and labels have been removed or completely obliterated. Also, be mindful of the following: • Canada Post strongly recommends the use of environmentally friendly packaging.

Can you drop Amazon returns in mailbox?

Upload complete! The postage was pre-paid so it would be fine to put it in your mailbox. … Either way is fine, drop off at the post office or place it in your mailbox.

Can I use a USPS box for Canada Post?

You are only to use Postal Boxes to receive mail items sent to you through Canada Post approved services and not as a storage or security compartment. The use of the Postal Box is not transferable. You must sign and agree to the Postal Box terms and conditions to rent a Postal Box from us.

Does give back box work in Canada?

You can ship from any states within the U.S. We are also available in Canada and UK. Is Give Back Box a charity.

What can I do with leftover Amazon boxes?


  1. Fill up your cardboard boxes with items you want to donate (except electronics).
  2. Visit and print a free shipping label.
  3. Drop your box off at any USPS or UPS location. The boxes are routed directly to the nearest participating local charity organization.
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How do you reuse a carton box?

Ways to Reuse Cardboard in Your Home:

  1. Make it into a planter by lining it with a plastic bag with some holes poked in the bottom. …
  2. Paint cardboard boxes or line with fabric to make nice storage containers.
  3. Cut out small circles and paint them to make coasters.