Do mechanical engineers make good money in Canada?

The average mechanical engineering salary in Canada is $55,000 per year or $28.21 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $45,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $78,000 per year.

How much money does a mechanical engineer make in Canada?

Mechanical engineers (NOC 2132) usually earn between $28.37/hour and $62.50/hour in Canada. People working as a “mechanical engineer” are part of this group.

Where do mechanical engineers get paid the most in Canada?

Highest paying cities for Mechanical Engineers in Canada

  • Surrey, BC. 9 salaries reported. $102,603. per year.
  • Saskatoon, SK. 5 salaries reported. $94,768. per year.
  • Vancouver, BC. 18 salaries reported. $83,197. per year.
  • Edmonton, AB. 22 salaries reported. $82,265. per year.
  • Richmond, BC. 8 salaries reported. $80,646. per year.

Is mechanical engineering worth it in Canada?

Mechanical engineers can work in almost any engineering industry, so there are many mechanical engineering job opportunities in Canada. These engineers can work in industries as diverse as biotechnology, construction, or energy. Mechanical engineers bring home a median salary of $79,996 a year.

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What is the maximum salary of a mechanical engineer in Canada?

These professionals, which fall under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 2132, start at an hourly wage of $26, or $50,700 per year based on a 37.5-hour work week, and earn up to $62.50 per hour, or $121,875 per year, on average for a top-ranked mechanical engineer.

Are mechanical engineers in demand in Canada?

The need for mechanical engineers is growing at a rapid pace in Canada. According to the “Canadian Association of Professional Engineers”, there are more than 15,000 jobs available for mechanical engineers and only 10,000 professionals who can fill them.

What is highest paid job in Canada?

Highest paying jobs in Canada

  • Surgeons/doctors. Topping the list, surgeons and doctors earn on average between $236K and $676K per year. …
  • Lawyers. The average salary for a lawyer hovers around $302K (with location and area of practice having a strong influence on income). …
  • Judges. …
  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), 5.

Is mechanical engineer a good career?

Is mechanical engineering a good career? Yes. A mechanical engineering degree can lead to careers in many fields, including manufacturing and aerospace. These careers provide strong annual salaries.

Does mechanical engineering pay well?

The national average annual wage of an mechanical engineer is $92,800, according to the BLS, roughly $40,000 more than the average annual salary for all occupations, $51,960. Of course, you don’t get that salary everywhere. … Below is a list of the top-10 highest-paying states for mechanical engineers.

Which country is best for mechanical engineering?

Best Countries to Study Mechanical Engineering

  1. Germany. If you are looking to get into Mechanical Engineering, Germany is definitely a viable option. …
  2. The USA. It is no surprise that the USA makes this list, with 29 out of the 100 top Mechanical Engineering programs in the world. …
  3. Spain. …
  4. England. …
  5. Malta. …
  6. Finland. …
  7. The Netherlands.
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Which engineering is best for future in Canada?

The 7 Top Engineering Jobs in Canada Today

  1. Electrical Engineer. Electrical engineering is one of the most in-demand fields of engineering in Canada, with thousands of available openings. …
  2. Mechanical Engineer. …
  3. Software Engineer. …
  4. Biomedical Engineer. …
  5. Civil Engineer. …
  6. Geotechnical Engineer. …
  7. Mining Engineer.

How high is the demand for mechanical engineers?

Employment of mechanical engineers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Which province in Canada is best for mechanical engineers?

When planning to migrate to Canada as an engineer it is best that you have professional engineering license in Canada and places like Alberta and Ontario are most suitable for Mechanical Engineers as these provinces provide immense growth prospects to the candidate.