Does it rain in January in Toronto?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during January in Toronto is essentially constant, remaining about 0.6 inches throughout, and rarely exceeding 1.4 inches. The lowest average 31-day accumulation is 0.5 inches on January 27.

Which month rains the most in Toronto?

Average monthly rainy days in Toronto (Ontario)

  • Most rainy days are in January.
  • On average, January is the most rainy with 15 days of rain/snow.
  • On average, July is the driest month with 10 rainy days.
  • The average annual amount of rainy days is: 146.

What is the wettest month in Toronto?

July is the hottest month in Toronto with an average temperature of 21°C (70°F) and the coldest is January at -2.5°C (28°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 11 in July. The wettest month is July with an average of 60mm of rain..

Does Toronto have a rainy season?

The chance of wet days in Toronto varies throughout the year. The wetter season lasts 8.3 months, from April 1 to December 10, with a greater than 22% chance of a given day being a wet day. … Rain alone is the most common for 11 months, from February 5 to January 21.

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How bad is winter in Toronto?

Toronto has a semi-continental climate, with a warm, humid summer and a cold winter. … Although Toronto is one of Canada’s warmer cities in winter, winters are still severe, with snow on the ground most days between mid-December and mid-March. Snow deeper than 1 cm is seen on 65 days a year on average.

What is the wettest month in Ontario?

The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is July (53mm). The driest month (with the least rainfall) is February (19mm).

What is the coldest day of the year in Toronto?

How cold did Toronto get in 2019, or a century ago? This page gives the lowest temperature for each year in Toronto and the date that it happened.

Toronto – Lowest Temperature for Each Year.

Min °F Date Min °C
-2 February 14, 2020 -19
-7 January 21, 2019 + -22
-8 January 06, 2018 -22
-4 December 31, 2017 -20

Is Toronto colder than Vancouver?

Toronto: Weather. Toronto, with its drastic temperature fluctuation, is both hotter and colder than Vancouver. Summer temperatures hover around 35c with high humidity and then dip as low as -30c in the winter….

Is Toronto expensive?

Living in Toronto, particularly anywhere near downtown, can be expensive. Rents are among the highest in Canada, and other standard monthly expenses such as phone plans, groceries, and transit are not cheap either. … Fortunately, wages in Toronto are also quite good across the spectrum.

Is Toronto always cold?

In Toronto, Canada’s largest city and the capital of Ontario, the climate is continental, with very cold winters and warm summers. Although the city is located in the south of the country, winter is cold because the North American continent cools down a lot, and outbreaks of polar air masses are frequent.

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What’s the coldest month in Ontario?

Usually January is the coldest month of the year, and July is the warmest. The northern part of the province has longer and colder winters than southern Ontario. Spring is a rainy season in most parts of Ontario.

Does it rain a lot in Ontario Canada?

The tables below give yearly averages for rainfall plus snowfall at cities, towns and parks in Ontario. Each place has a total for how many days of wet weather it usually gets a year and for the normal amount of precipitation.

Eastern Ontario.

Days 161
Place Ottawa
Inches 36.2
Millimetres 920