Frequent question: How do I get a new Canadian Tire Money card?

How do I replace my Canadian Tire points card?

If your card is lost or stolen you should immediately call customer service at 1-800-226-8473 to let us know. Otherwise, you might not be able to recover any Canadian Tire Money® that could be redeemed by a person presenting your lost or stolen card.

How do you get the physical Triangle Rewards card?

Will I be mailed a physical Triangle Rewards card? No. Physical cards are not mailed out when a digital Triangle Rewards card is created. If you’d like a physical rewards card and key fob, you can visit any participating store or request one by giving us a call at 1-866-SHOP-CTR or 1-800-226-8473 for more help.

How do I set up a Triangle Rewards card?


Register with your Triangle credit card or another eligible card. Register with your Triangle Rewards card or your My Canadian Tire Money Card. Don’t have a card? Find a store and pick one up today.

Is Canadian Tire money discontinued?

Are they scrapping Canadian Tire money? No. Even though Canadian Tire’s loyalty rewards will now be mostly automated, the company plans to continue with their paper money. … If you see a sign at a store saying they will redeem your Canadian Tire money, it’s dollar for dollar.

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Is Triangle rewards the same as Canadian Tire money?

Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards are the new digital version of Canadian Tire Money. The rewards themselves work the same – 1 dollar of Canadian Tire Money is worth $1 when redeemed for purchases – but the entire program has been revamped for the modern age.

What do I do with old Canadian Tire money?

Customers can use Canadian Tire money to buy anything in the store. (Older coupons state that they are redeemable at Canadian Tire stores and gas stations; however, coupons produced during at least the last 15 years lack this wording and are therefore redeemable in the stores only.)

Can you collect Triangle rewards after purchase?

CTM can be collected when you purchase Eligible Merchandise (see below) at participating Canadian Tire stores or on-line at (or such other web site as may be designated by Canadian Tire from time to time).

What is a triangle rewards card?

Triangle™ is a rewards program that makes shopping better. With one awesome card—in your wallet or on your phone—you can collect Canadian Tire Money ® at more places, watch your rewards pile up faster, and redeem them for more of the stuff you love. °Selection may vary by Store.

What is Canadian Tire triangle ID?

Triangle ID is a new, easy way to log-in to your Triangle Rewards and Canadian Tire account with just a single e-mail and password.

How do I check the balance on my Canadian Tire card?

You can find out Canadian Tire card balance by phone balance check, visit store counter/ help desk. Need to check your balance? Call 1-800-387-8803, and choose option #3. Information for Canadian Tire gift card balance inquiry to see remaining balance and transactions.

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Where is Triangle Mastercard accepted?

You can redeem your Canadian Tire Money straight from the cashier at all Canadian Tire and Sports Chek stores, as well as at participating Mark’s and Atmosphere locations.

Where is the pin on a Canadian Tire gift card?

For Gift Cards, the PIN number is usually on the back of the card.