Frequent question: How do I know if a Canadian agency is legitimate?

One way to check if a Canadian Visa company is a scam or fake is to enter the RCIC’s name, registration number, and/or company name into the ICCRC website on their Find an Immigration Professional page.

How do I know if a consultant is legitimate in Canada?

How to Check your Consultant is Authorized by ICCRC ?

  1. Step 1: Visit the ICCRC website
  2. Step 2: Fill in the detail, either RCIC number, company name or place. To get the information about them. …
  3. Step 3 : Click SEARCH.

How do you check Canada agent is registered?


  1. 1) Visit the ICCRC “Find an Immigration Professional” page.
  2. 2) Click on “registry.
  3. 4) View the search result and check the RCIC “Status”

How do I know if a consultancy is genuine?

Best ways to find a genuine immigration consultant:

  1. Make a simple Google search. …
  2. Check other sources or referrals. …
  3. Choose a Registered Consultancy Service. …
  4. Prefer Consultancy firm and not the agents for freelancers, etc. …
  5. Research about the background & obtain feedback. …
  6. Avoid agents and agencies offering a job guarantee.
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How can you tell a fake immigration consultant?

How To Tell If An Immigration Consultant Is Fake?

  1. They Guarantee You Job Offer From Canada.
  2. They Don’t Have an ICCRC License.
  3. They Guarantee a Successful Canadian Visa.
  4. No Retainer Agreement or Contracts.

Is MDC Canada legit?

In the highly competitive world of immigration services, it is sometimes difficult to spot a gem among the many scams. We can say with confidence that MDC is a leading, professional and trustworthy immigration firm that others can learn from.

Which consultancy is best for Canada immigration?

Rajiv Arora, the founder of Nationwide Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. ( ) has made a lot of things clear. They are India’s leading visa consulting firm, awarded as the Best Immigration Consultants in India for Canada and Most Trusted Visa Brand in India 2018.

Is Canada CIS real?

Is a legit site for Canadian citizenship immigration? Yes, we are a registered and legitimate immigration organization with years of experience in the Canadian immigration field. We carefully select our legal team members and partners, ensuring that all of them are highly qualified and professional.

How do I find a good immigration consultant?

The top 5 tips to choose an Immigration Consultancy

  1. Google Reviews. Nothing surpasses word of mouth when it comes to endorsing as marketers always tell. …
  2. Social Media. View the social media platforms of the prospective agency – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. …
  3. Past record. …
  4. Security. …
  5. Background Check.

How do I know if an employment agency is legitimate?

How to know if a recruitment agency is legitimate

  1. Have you placed any previous candidates with your client?
  2. What can you tell me about the company’s culture?
  3. What opportunities are there for growth in this role?
  4. Please can you tell me more about the role?
  5. How long has the company been operating for?
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What CIS Canada?

Canada Citizenship Immigration Services (CIS) is a private consultancy that offers immigration services for those who want to immigrate to Canada.

What is Canadian visa org? is a certified Canadian visa agency that provides professional services to international clients who want to apply for their Canadian visas to work, study or immigrate to Canada.

How do I know if my Canadian visa is real?

Your visa should have a watermark on the document which will then have your surname printed on top of the watermark. A fake Canada visa may contain a watermarked surname but the watermark and printed surname will appear with the watermark on top.

How can I check my Canadian Lmia status?

You can check your status in your account by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Under “View my submitted applications or profiles” click on “Check status and messages”.