Frequent question: What is considered a public road in Ontario?

Under the provisions of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario, every public road is a highway. … There are however different classifications of roads, from something like the 401 or Don Valley Parkway (a controlled access highway) to an arterial road to a minor arterial road to a collector road to a local road.

What classifies as a public road?

Public road means any highway, road, or street under the jurisdiction of and maintained by a public authority and open to public travel, including non-State-owned public roads and roads on tribal land.

What is the legal definition of a public road?

A main road or thoroughfare, such as a street, boulevard, or parkway, available to the public for use for travel or transportation. The nature of a public way is determinable from its origin, as well as the intention and plans of the appropriate authorities and the use to which it has been put.

What does a road legally defined as?

The Road Traffic Act sets down that a ‘road’ means ‘any highway and any other road to which the public have access and includes bridges over which a road passes’. … There are a number of elements within this definition. Road. A road has been held in case law to include pavements and boundary grass verges.

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What is considered a road in Ontario?

In Ontario, all public roads are legally considered highways under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), which sets forth regulations for traffic, or the rules of the road. … Tertiary roads may also be designated as a resource road, allowing for vehicles otherwise prohibited from public roads.

Is a road public or private?

Most roads are public thoroughfares, maintained by local, state or federal authorities and paid for with tax dollars. But that’s not always the case, which is why it’s smart for potential home buyers to ask about street ownership and maintenance.

Is a private road a highway?

Often people refer to a ‘private road’ as a somewhere that is not a highway. A private road is a highway unless it is gated and is truly a private piece of land owned by one or more parties. More often these private roads are simply unadopted roads.

Does my property abuts a public road?

You cannot assume that you can have unrestricted access to a property. If a home abuts a public highway then usually there is no problem – but not all roads are public highways. Where a property does not directly abut a public road then the owner will require a right of way over someone else’s land.

What is an occupation road?

noun. A private road for the use of the occupiers of certain land.

Are supermarket car parks private land?

Parking on Private Land:

Car parks associated with supermarkets, hospitals, leisure centres, retail parks, shopping centres etc. are usually private land and parking is managed using the laws of contract or trespass.

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Is a supermarket car park classed as private land?

A supermarket car park isn’t public land. It is private land owned by the supermarket. But the public have access to the car park so it is a public place. … Let’s have a look at a list of places that are either a road or other public place.