Frequent question: What is considered income for Ontario Works?

Board and Lodging: If an applicant or recipient provides shelter and meals (room and board) to one or more persons, then 40 percent of the monthly amount received, or a minimum of $100 for each adult, whichever is greater, is included as income.

What counts as income for Ontario Works?

The earnings exemptions apply to full-time and part-time monthly earnings from employment, a business, and amounts paid under a training program. The chargeable earnings amount is used to determine the amount of financial assistance that a benefit unit may be eligible for. Payments from EI should be treated as income.

How much money can I have in the bank on Ontario Works?

Application of Policy

Benefit Unit Size Maximum Asset Limit
Single applicant or recipient (no spouse and no dependents) $10,000
Applicant or recipient with a spouse (no other dependents) $15,000
Applicant or recipient with a spouse and one other dependent $15,500

Can I own a car on Ontario Works?

Your primary motor vehicle of any value is now fully exempt as an asset and will not impact your Ontario Works payment. If you own a second vehicle valued at $15,000 or less, it is exempt as an asset when you or a member of your family use it to get to work or to participate in employment-related activities.

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Does welfare look at your taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service will cross-check the name and Social Security number of every applicant for welfare, food stamps and Medicaid this fall for the first time in a search for unreported interest or dividend income that could make them ineligible for those programs.

Can Ontario Works look into my bank account?

OW looks at your assets because your assets cannot be worth more than a certain amount. This amount also depends on the size of your family. There are some types of income and assets that OW does not count.

How do you qualify for Ontario Works?

To qualify for Ontario Works assistance in Toronto, you must be:

  • living in Toronto and have status in Canada.
  • aged 18 or over (16/17 if special circumstances exist, such as abuse or if there is no home/financial support available)
  • in financial need (your household doesn’t have enough money to meet basic living expenses.

What is the maximum amount for Ontario Works?

The maximum shelter amount is $642. In this example, the couple would receive actual shelter costs of $500.

Can I own a house on ow?

Things that you own are called assets . Ontario Works (OW) has rules about what you can have in income and assets and still qualify financially for financial assistance .

Can I get OW if I own property or other things?

Who’s in your household How much OW lets you have in assets
you and a spouse $15,000

Does Ontario Works count as Cerb income?

If you were eligible

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If you received money from the CERB and you were eligible, OW and ODSP count that money as income . You must tell OW or ODSP if you got money from the CERB. … But there are special rules that apply to income you get from recovery benefits.

Can you have a credit card on Ontario Works?

The types of loans that may be used to pay for these approved household items include cash advances, credit cards, a line of credit, lay-away arrangements, delayed payment agreements, and personal loans.

What benefits do you get with Ontario Works?

Ontario Works offers two types of assistance: help with the essential costs of living (such as food, clothing and housing) and health benefits for clients and their eligible family members. help to find and keep a job (such as workshops for resume writing, job counselling, job-specific training and basic education)

Can I get Ontario Works if my husband works?

How does living common-law affect social assistance or disability benefits? In Ontario, eligible low-income individuals may be able to receive social assistance under Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODPS). … You must include your common-law spouse’s income on your application for benefits.