Frequent question: What stores are in Marlborough Mall Calgary?

What happened Marlborough Mall?

They evacuated Marlborough Mall as a precaution and further investigation uncovered a small fire on the roof. District Chief Bruce Gelhorn says the fire was near a small ventilation unit. The fire was put out and the mall was ventilated.

Who owns Marlborough Mall Calgary?

The mall, which is about 563,000 square feet in northeast Calgary, is owned by the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan. A professional tower is also attached to the mall at another 51,000 square feet. The mall was built in 1974 and has about 160 stores and services.

How old is Westbrook Mall?

Westbrook Mall, a single level community shopping centre that originally opened in 1964, is located along Bow Trail in West Calgary.

Why is Forest Lawn so bad?

The issues that Cuthill said he has decided to target in Forest Lawn are prostitution and drugs. Targeting prostitution means first identifying where the women are most likely to work, Cuthill said. “If you try to look at it from a business perspective, they’re selling a product,” he said.

Is Forest Lawn a bad neighborhood?

Despite one of the highest crime rates in the city, Forest Lawn also offers low-housing prices in a prime location, authentic ethnic food, and an ambitious plan for urban redevelopment. … Over 100 years later, those few homes of Forest Lawn have exploded into a population of around 50,000.

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Are there hoods in Calgary?

Calgary has never had any ghettos or slums. Unlike other Canadian cities, no ghettos or slums ever developed while the city was growing. There were lower class areas where poorer people lived, but none of them had racial segregation, unusually high levels of crime, poor services, or poor schools.