How are the US and Canada connected to other countries through trade?

The United States and Canada share a trillion dollar trade and investment relationship. This economic partnership between the U.S. and Canada supports millions of jobs in both countries through direct foreign investment, cross-border trade, and our integrated economies.

What does the US and Canada trade with each other?

The U.S. goods trade deficit with Canada was $26.8 billion in 2019. Trade in services with Canada (exports and imports) totaled an estimated $106.3 billion in 2019. Services exports were $67.7 billion; services imports were $38.6 billion. The U.S. services trade surplus with Canada was $29.2 billion in 2019.

How are Canada and the US connected?


The United States and Canada share the world’s longest international border, 5,525 miles with 120 land ports-of-entry, and our bilateral relationship is one of the closest and most extensive. Nearly $1.7 billion a day in goods and services trade cross between us every day.

What are Canada’s connections to global trade?

Since the 1980s, Canada has signed free trade agreements with dozens of countries to increase global trade and investment. Canada’s three biggest trading partners are the United States, the European Union and China. The United States is Canada largest trading partner by far.

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Why are the US and Canada close trading partners?

Why are Canada and the United States such close trading partners? Because the two nations share the longest open border in the world and the same language.

Why does Canada trade with other countries?

Exports allow Canadians to sell their goods and services in exchange for foreign goods and services. They also help to support jobs in Canada, directly to those producing the goods and services, and indirectly to those providing supporting activities to the producers of Canadian exports.

How are Canadian and US economies alike?

The economies of Canada and the United States are similar because they are both developed countries and are each other’s largest trading partners. … Canada’s 2017 debt-to-GDP ratio was 89.7%, compared to the United States at 107.8%.

What countries trade with Canada?

Canada trade balance, exports and imports by country

In 2017, Canada major trading partner countries for exports were United States, China, United Kingdom, Japan and Mexico and for imports they were United States, China, Mexico, Germany and Japan.

How can Canada improve trade?

These include using free trade agreements to give Canadian exporters better access to foreign markets; accessing fast-growing markets early; using the U.S. market as a stepping stone to overseas markets; leveraging digital technologies; increasing SME participation in international trade; and focusing on the future …

How important is foreign trade to Canada?

Both exports and imports are beneficial to economic growth, largely by boosting productivity. Firms in Canada that export have significantly higher productivity than firms that do not export. Imports of intermediate inputs contributed over half of Canada’s recent productivity growth.

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