How do I fill out a Canada Customs Invoice?

How do I complete a customs invoice?

The Commercial Invoice should clearly include:

  1. Sender’s name, address and contact details.
  2. Receiver’s name and address.
  3. Date of invoice (shipping date).
  4. Full description of each item of goods supplied to enable correct Customs Tariff Classification (catalogue and part numbers are not sufficient to describe the goods).

What is a Canadian customs invoice?

a commercial invoice which indicates the buyer, seller, country of origin, price paid or payable and a detailed description of the goods, including quantity, and a CCI that provides the remaining information. …

What is the difference between a commercial invoice and a Canada Customs Invoice?

According to the Canada Border Services Agency, the Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) is a special invoice that incorporates more data elements than a standard commercial invoice. … The commercial shipment is valued at over $2,500 CAD. The shipment is not classified under HTUSA Chapter 9810.

Where do you put a customs invoice?

Adding the commercial invoice to your shipment

Make sure you place two of them in a packing list envelope on the outside of the package. Put the last commercial invoice inside the package for the recipient.

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Does Canada require commercial invoice?

Commercial Invoice.

This is needed when shipping from Canada to the US. It is the basic document where the buyer or importer pays the vendor or exporter.

What is the difference between a commercial invoice and a customs invoice?

Customs clearance is mandatory for any parcel going to or from a non-EU country. … In order for a parcel to clear customs, the sender must attach a customs invoice to the parcel, these are also known as commercial invoices and shipping invoices.

Is commercial invoice required?

When you’re shipping goods across international borders, you should issue a commercial invoice. This serves as a customs document and contains more information than a traditional invoice does. Depending upon where you’re shipping goods, your commercial invoice may require specific details.

What is a CCI for shipping?

Keep compliant when exporting non-regulated products to Canada with Labelmaster’s Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) Forms. These are required by Canadian Customs officials to verify the value, quantity and nature of non-hazmat shipments.

How do I fill out a Canadian customs B3 form?

Write the transaction number clearly on the remaining pages of Form B3 and on the copies of the cargo control documents and invoices. Indicate the B3 type by completing this field with the letter “C,” denoting that this document is a final accounting for the release of goods after the payment of duties and taxes.

What is a CCI form?

a commercial invoice prepared by any means (typed, hand-written, or computer prepared) giving all the information contained on a CCI; or. … a fully completed Form CCI.

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Who is the importer on a commercial invoice?

The commercial invoice is one of the most important documents in international trade and ocean freight shipping. It is a legal document issued by the seller (exporter) to the buyer (importer) in an international transaction and serves as a contract and a proof of sale between the buyer and seller.