How does WES Canada work?

WES helps academic institutions, professional licensing bodies and employers by evaluating degrees and diplomas earned abroad to determine their Canadian equivalencies. … Candidates can be referred directly to WES to have their academic credentials authenticated and evaluated.

How does WES evaluation work?

A WES evaluation is your passport to education and employment. … The WES evaluation converts educational credentials from any country in the world into their U.S. equivalents. It describes each certificate, diploma or degree that you have earned and states its academic equivalency in the United States.

How long does Canadian WES take?

How long does a WES evaluation report take? An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) takes about thirty-five (35) business days after we receive, review, and accept all required documents and fees.

How long does it take WES to evaluate transcripts?

The typical processing time for World Education Services (WES) evaluations is approximately seven (7) business days from the day that a completed application (including all required documents, information and full payment of fees) is received by WES and compiled for internal review and processing.

How do WES immigration to Canada?

Here is the procedure to apply ECA for Canada on WES.

  1. Create an Account on WES Portal. …
  2. Provide Mailing Address to World Education Services. …
  3. Provide Education for WES Evaluation. …
  4. Confirm the Recipients for Credential Assessment in Canada. …
  5. WES Requirements for Evaluation of Degree in Canada. …
  6. Pay WES Evaluation Fees.
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How do I send my transcript to WES?

To share documents from online platforms, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account associated with the online platform.
  2. Select WES as the recipient of your electronic documents.
  3. If you cannot choose us as your recipient, you can send the documents to the email address listed on our Required Documents page.

Does WES evaluate online degrees?

WES has launched a free, online Degree Equivalency Tool. Internationally educated individuals will find this tool a useful part of the credential assessment process: participants can preview the Canadian equivalency of post-secondary degrees before ordering – and paying for – a formal credential evaluation.

Is WES fee refundable?

In case of rejection from any assessing bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy / Consulate / High Commission of any country due to WES India mistake, then WES India will be liable to rebate full amount charged as “WES India Consultation Fee” from the client but at the same time WES India will not be responsible to …

How do I start a WES process?

Here’s our simple, three-step evaluation process:

  1. Submit your application and receive your WES reference number.
  2. Read our document requirements and send in your documents. Remember to include your WES reference number.
  3. We verify your credentials, create your report, and deliver it to your recipients.

How long is WES valid for?

Your WES ECA is valid for five years from the date of issue, and you can continue using your ECA when you submit a new Express Entry profile.

Does WES send hard copy?

How quickly will I receive my evaluation? When your evaluation is complete, our staff will send you a physical copy of the report through the delivery service you indicated on your application.

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Does WES require original documents?

Do I need to send transcripts or mark sheets? WES accepts both consolidated transcripts and yearly mark sheets, provided they are issued by degree-granting institutions and sent in a sealed envelope. Institutions can also send documents electronically once they have established a digital partnership with WES.