How long does a record suspension last in Canada?

10 years — an offence prosecuted by indictment. 5 years — an offence that is punishable on summary conviction.

How long does a Canadian record suspension take?

Service standards: Summary offence: within 6 months of application acceptance. Indictable offence: within 12 months of acceptance. For applications where the Board is proposing to deny a record suspension, it can take up to 24 months for a final decision to be made.

How long is a record suspension?

For a summary offence, record suspension applications are typically completed within six months. A record suspension application for an indictable offence will take about one year from the acceptance of the application to conclude.

What does record suspension mean in Canada?

A record suspension (formerly a pardon) allows people with a criminal record to have it set aside. … A record suspension removes a person’s criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Centre ( CPIC ) database.

Does your criminal record clear after 7 years?

People often ask me whether a criminal conviction falls off their record after seven years. The answer is no. … Your criminal history record is a list of your arrests and convictions. When you apply for a job, an employer will usually hire a consumer reporting agency to run your background.

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What crimes Cannot be pardoned in Canada?

Are there any crimes that cannot be pardoned?

  • sexual offences involving a minor.
  • more than 3 indictable offences where the sentence was more than 2 years in jail each time.
  • any crime in which the sentence can never be completed (in some very serious cases the offender will receive lifetime in jail or lifetime probation)

How can I clear my criminal record in Canada?

Once you have completed your sentence and demonstrated that you are a law-abiding citizen, you can have your record removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database by being issued a Record Suspension. Record Suspensions are ordered, granted, denied and revoked by the Parole Board of Canada.

How much does it cost for a pardon in Canada?

Unfortunately, a Canadian pardon cannot be done for free. The cost of filing a pardon with the Parole Board of Canada is $657.77. But keep in mind that this amount is only the FINAL cost payable to the government of Canada AFTER all the paperwork has been completed.

Does a pardon Clear Your record in Canada?

A record suspension, also known as a pardon, is the Canadian government’s way of giving a reformed, law abiding citizen a “clean slate.” In other words, a pardon can clear your criminal record. … The presence of a criminal record will be removed from the CPIC.

What is the difference between pardon and record suspension?

If you were convicted you need to apply for a record suspension. However, all of the information will remain on the CPIC database but will be concealed from criminal record checks. Getting a pardon will remove a conviction from your criminal record and allow you to live your life without restrictions.

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Can I get a second pardon in Canada?

If I have more than one conviction, do I need more than one pardon/record suspension? No. If the requisite waiting periods have passed for each of your convictions, and if you have met all of the other requirements, you can apply to have all of your convictions pardoned/suspended at the same time.

What happens when you get a record suspension?

A record suspension allows people who were convicted of a criminal offence, but have completed their sentence and demonstrated that they are law-abiding citizens for a prescribed number of years, to have their criminal record kept separate and apart from other criminal records.

Can you travel with a record suspension?

If you have obtained a record suspension, you may still need a waiver to travel to the US.

How can I clean my criminal record?

A criminal record can be cleared in one of two ways: either by having the record sealed or getting the crimes expunged. The difference between the two is that the former closes off the record from public access, whereas the latter makes it seem as if the conviction or arrest never existed.

Will my criminal record ever go away?

Although convictions and cautions stay on the Police National Computer until you reach 100 years old (they are not deleted before then), they don’t always have to be disclosed. Many people don’t know the details of their record and it’s important to get this right before disclosing to employers.

How long is it before a conviction becomes spent?

Essentially, a conviction cannot become spent until the order ends. Some orders run for many years longer than the ‘main’ sentence. If someone received a 4 month prison sentence, this would be spent 2 years after the end of the full sentence.

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