How many gas stations are in Ontario?

What gas stations are in Ontario?

Gas stations in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada

  • Canadian Tire Gas+
  • Circle K (make sure to click “Add parameters” below the search bar, then click “Gas”)
  • Costco.
  • Couche-Tard (Quebec) (make sure to click “Recherche avancée” below the search bar, then click “Essence”)
  • Drummond’s (Eastern Ontario)
  • Esso Mobil.
  • Flying J.

Who has the most gas stations in Ontario?

Parkland is now Canada’s largest gas-station owner, with significant holdings in all of the most-populous provinces.

How many gas and convenience stores are there in Canada?

As of December 2020, there were 7,592 convenience stores located in Canada. Almost 3,000 of these were located in Canada’s most populous province of Ontario, whilst just one was in Yukon Territory. 4,037 of these stores had between one and four employees, whilst none employed over 200 people.

What gas stations are Canadian?


  • CO-OP.
  • Irving.
  • Ultramar.
  • Canadian Tire.
  • Shell.
  • Esso.
  • Petro-Canada.
  • Husky.

How many Petro Canada stations are there in Canada?

We offer a full range of gas – from regular to premium gas. And if you are looking for a diesel gas station, we have more than 1,100 across Canada. Select stations also offer alternative fuels like propane and EV charging stations.

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Which gas station has best gas in Canada?

in my opinion the best premium gas in canada is SHELL V-POWER PREMIUM . its 91 octane and that is all i run in my mustang GT. i find that also in my ram pick up with the hemi i get better performance and economy.

What is the biggest gas station brand?

In 2020, Pilot Flying J generated revenues amounting to nearly 30 billion U.S. dollars, making it the largest privately owned company in the United States convenience store and gas station sector. As of 2019, Pilot fuel stations accounted for 0.44 percent of all fuel stations in the United States.

What is gasoline called in Canada?

Terminology. In North America the fuel is known as “gasoline” or “gas” for short, and “gas station” and ‘service station’ are used in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and the Caribbean. In some regions of Canada, the term “gas bar” (or “gasbar”) is used.

Are Esso and Mobil the same company?

In most of the world, the Esso brand and the Mobil brand are the primary brand names of ExxonMobil, with the Exxon brand name in use only in the United States alongside Mobil.


Product type Gasoline, lubricants
Owner ExxonMobil (1999–present)
Produced by ExxonMobil
Country United States
Introduced 1911

How many Shell gas stations in Canada?

With over 1,300 Retail locations across Canada, our network is one of the biggest in the country. Find your nearest Shell Station using our station locator tool, and plan your route.

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How much gas stations make in Canada?

Gasoline stations – 447. The information on revenues, expenses and profits can be used as a benchmark against the performance of your business and can help you to identify opportunities to gain efficiencies. Canada’s total operating revenues reached $68.7 billion in 2018, increasing from $63.0 billion in 2017.

How many gas stations are there in Alberta?

Gasoline stations with convenience stores – 44711

Province/territory Employers Non-employers / Indeterminate
Alberta 1,104 154
British Columbia 844 142
Saskatchewan 403 61
Manitoba 302 47