How many nationalities live in Vancouver?

What nationalities live in Vancouver?

Vancouver Demographics

  • European Canadian: 46.2%
  • Chinese: 27.7%
  • South Asian: 6%
  • Filipino: 6%
  • Southeast Asian: 3%
  • Japanese: 1.7%
  • Latin American: 1.6%
  • Mixed visible minority: 1.5%

How many foreigners live in Vancouver?

Census 2016 shows that Vancouver had a total population of 631,486 persons. Its immigrant residents represented 42.5% (262,765) of the total population, slightly higher than 40.8% for the Metro Vancouver region.

How diverse is Vancouver Canada?

“Vancouver is a very diverse city, there is over 200 ethnic groups reported,” said Dobson. … “About one in five residents in the Metro Vancouver area were Chinese and basically, Vancouver has got the highest proportion of … the Chinese visible minority group among any major city in Canada,” said Dobson.

What cultures are in Vancouver?

5 Cultures That Shaped Vancouver

  • First Nations. …
  • Japanese. …
  • Chinese. …
  • Indian. …
  • Italian.

How many Japanese live in Vancouver?

Number of Japanese residents in Vancouver 2013-2019

As of October 2019, almost 28 thousand Japanese residents lived in Vancouver. In the same year, Canada was one of the countries with the highest number of Japanese residents.

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How many Vietnamese are there in Vancouver?


City Province 2016 Vietnamese population
Greater Montreal Quebec 38,660
Greater Vancouver British Columbia 34,915
Calgary Region Alberta 21,010
Edmonton Capital Region Alberta 14,180

What is the largest immigrant group in Canada?

Immigration laws in Canada

Skilled workers form by far the largest category of immigrants in Canada, accounting for over twice the number of permanent residents than people who immigrated for family reasons. In 2020 refugees comprised only around 14 percent of the annual immigrant intake.

What is the fastest growing ethnic group in Canada?

Asian Canadians are Canadians who can trace their ancestry back to the continent of Asia or Asian people. Canadians with Asian ancestry comprise both the largest and fastest growing group in Canada, after European Canadians, with roughly 17.7% of the Canadian population.

How many Chinese are in Canada?

Canadians who identify themselves as being of Chinese ethnic origin make up about 5.1% of the Canadian population, or about 1.77 million people according to the 2016 census.


Province Chinese population Percentage of Chinese
Canada 1,487,585 4.5%

Why is Vancouver so multicultural?

Vancouver is a mix of different religions, ethnicities, and cultural groups from all over the world and Canada’s Indigenous communities. Staff and Council value this diversity, because it is a source of the city’s strength, vitality, and prosperity.

Why is Vancouver so populated?

Royal LePage real estate agent Adil Dinani said the reason for Vancouver’s high density is its supply-constrained environment. “We are surrounded by mountains and water, so you can’t really build much more,” said Adil Dinani, a realtor with Royal LePage.

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Which Canadian city is most diverse?

That explains why Markham, with 336,000 residents, was named this year as Canada’s most diverse city by Statistics Canada, the nation’s equivalent of the U.S. Census Bureau.