How many people use iPhone Canada?

What percent of Canada uses iphones?

In Canada, 56.9 percent of people use an iOS device, while only 43.1 percent use Android phones.

How many iPhone users are there in Canada?

In total, the monthly sample consists of more than 400 million devices. Canada is predominantly an iOS market, according to the research. As of November, 54.9% of all smartphones (15.9 million devices) were Apple devices. This contrasts with global trends, where Android-powered systems dominate.

Is iPhone popular in Canada?

According to Counterpoint Research’s finding. Apple leads the smartphone market followed by Samsung. The two brands contribute to more than 85% of the Canada smartphone market. Other top players in the market are LG, Google and Huawei.

Which phone is mostly used in Canada?

Apple and Samsung together continue to dominate the Canadian smartphone market. In Q2 2020, the two brands together accounted for 86% of the total smartphone sales compared to 81% during the Q2 2019. In terms of the volumes, Apple declined 24% YoY decline compared to Samsung’s 41% decline.

How many Canadians do not have cell phones?

According to this graph, a full 25% of Canadian adults still aren’t part of the cell phone collective. Meanwhile, another 9% are happy with a dumb feature phone (I’m looking at you, Dad.) Canada is way, way behind the UK where only 5% or mobile-phone free and the US (6%).

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What percentage of Canadians have a phone?

Nearly all Canadian households (99.3%) subscribed to either mobile or landline service in 2016 (Table 1.1 on Open Data), and households owned on average 1.6 mobile phones. Over the last decade, the percentage of households with landlines has decreased, while the percentage with mobile phones has increased (Figure 1.2).

What will Canada’s population be in 2021?

Canada: Total population from 2016 to 2026 (in millions)

Characteristic Inhabitants in millions
2023* 39
2022* 38.59
2021* 38.19
2020 37.97

What is the most popular phone in India?

Price List of Best Selling Mobile Phones In India

Brand Best Mobile Phones in India Prices
Samsung Samsung Galaxy A52 Rs.26,499
Samsung Samsung Galaxy F62 Rs. 22,399
Oppo OPPO A53 Rs. 10,990
OnePlus OnePlus 9 Rs. 49,999

Are Huawei phones?

Huawei currently still uses Android in its smartphones, but it’s expected that Harmony will roll out to phones fairly soon.

What percentage of US smartphones are Apple?

Q2 2020 Highlights

US Smartphone Shipments Market Share (%)
Brands 2019 Q1 2020 Q2
Apple 39% 46%
Samsung 28% 25%
LG 11% 12%