How many schools are in greater Vancouver?

The Vancouver School Board operates 89 elementary schools and 18 secondary schools, as well as two adult education centres.

How many schools are in Vancouver School District?

Schools and programs

We have 21 elementary schools, six middle schools, five high schools, an arts school, a STEM school and three additional programs.

How many high schools are in Vancouver?

Vancouver School District contains 12 high schools. For comprehensive and personalized admissions consulting,consider Crimson Education.

How many schools are in British Columbia?

There are 1,578 public and 364 independent schools in B.C.

The public schools are divided among 60 school districts around the province.

How many schools are in West Vancouver?

West Vancouver Schools is comprised of 14 elementary and 3 secondary schools.

How many teachers are in Vancouver Public Schools?

Vancouver Public Schools is a school district in Vancouver, Washington covering 58 square miles (150.2 km2) in Clark County.

Vancouver Public Schools
Teachers 1111
Staff 3200
Other information

How many schools are there in Surrey?

Surrey Schools has 103 elementary schools, 20 secondary schools, five student learning centres, three adult education centres, a distributed (online) learning program and a variety of satellite and inter-agency programs serving a wide range of specific student needs.

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What is the biggest high school in BC?

Killarney Secondary School is a public secondary school in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest public secondary school in the city by area.

Killarney Secondary School
Coordinates 49°13′31.4″N 123°2′42.8″WCoordinates: 49°13′31.4″N 123°2′42.8″W
School type Secondary school

How many high schools are in BC?

There are many extra-curricular activities including music, sports, drama, chess, snowboarding/skiing and community service. Detailed information is available about our 18 high schools.

How many public schools are in Abbotsford?

Located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, the Abbotsford School District has 46 schools that are attended by over 19,200 full and part time students at 30 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, 1 combined middle-secondary school, and 7 secondary schools.

How many students are in Vancouver?

The Vancouver School District is among the most diverse public school systems in Canada with an annual enrolment of approximately 50,000 students in Kindergarten to grade 12.

What is the smallest school district in BC?

The smallest school district in B.C. has four schools, roughly 200 students, 32 employees and a $6.8 million operating budget. Stikine district is also the largest geographically, covering 188,034 square kms, says a story in the Vancouver Province.

How many private schools are there in BC?

Parents can choose to enrol their child in either a public or independent school that offers these programs – there are approximately 350 independent schools and about 1600 public schools.