How many your independent grocers in Canada?

Your Independent Grocer is a supermarket chain in Canada with more than 100 locations.

How many independent grocers are there in Ontario?

Number of grocery stores in Canada as of December 2020, by region

Characteristic Number of stores
Ontario 5,368
Quebec 4,217
British Columbia 1,647
Alberta 1,627

How many supermarket chains are there in Canada?

and Metro Inc. Independent food retailers also play a key role in the Canadian supermarket industry, as there are around 6,816 unaffiliated independent food stores in Canada, compared to only about 2,518 supermarket chain locations.

Who is the largest grocer in Canada?

Loblaw (TSX:L) is Canada’s largest in terms of revenue, with more than 1,000 stores across the country and more than $31 billion in annual revenue.

Who owns the grocery stores in Canada?

Loblaw Companies Limited is a Canadian food retailer, encompassing corporate and franchise supermarkets operating under 22 regional and market segment banners (including Loblaws), as well as pharmacies, banking and apparel.

Who owns Sobeys?

Sobeys Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Empire Company Limited, headquartered in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. Sobeys, its franchisees and affiliates employ approximately 123,000 people.

Who owns Loblaw?

George Weston Limited
Loblaw Companies/Головные организации
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