How much does an immigration consultant cost in Canada?

How much do Canadian immigration consultants charge?

The fee that is charged by an immigration consultant can be between 50,000INR – 1,50,000INR. Get Free Resume Writing services worth 15k with your visa process.

Should I hire a consultant for Canada immigration?

Immigration consultants specialize in the Canada visa process. They guide you to make the process a success. … If you believe that you should not spend long years on your visa process and waste both your time and money. Taking the help of an immigration consultant is always recommended.

How much is an immigration consultant?

An immigration lawyer charges between $150 and $300 per hour, with a typical 30-min consultation fee of $75 to $150.

Immigration Lawyer Costs.

Item Average Cost
Hourly Rate $150 – $300
Form Filing Assistance $250 – $800
Green Card Assistance $800 – $5,000
USCIS Fees $460 – $700

How much money does an Immigration Consultant make?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $136,500 and as low as $21,000, the majority of Immigration Consultant salaries currently range between $36,500 (25th percentile) to $118,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $132,500 annually in Ontario.

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Do immigration consultants make money?

How much do immigration consultants make? According to PayScale Canada, the average salary for an Immigration Consultant is C$46,767 per year. The average annual salary for immigration consultant ranges from $30,732 to $66,965.

Which consultancy is best for Canada immigration?

Rajiv Arora, the founder of Nationwide Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. ( ) has made a lot of things clear. They are India’s leading visa consulting firm, awarded as the Best Immigration Consultants in India for Canada and Most Trusted Visa Brand in India 2018.

How much does an RCIC cost?

The total cost is about $18,000 to become an RCIC. An RCIC pays an average of $2,483 in membership and insurance fees per year.

What does an immigration consultant do in Canada?

In Canada, the role of an immigration consultant is to advise immigrants and help them navigate the immigration system. They ensure applicants meet the legal requirements of Canada’s immigration laws. In general, immigration consultants oversee all aspects of the visa and immigration process.

How long is immigration consultant course?

It’s a three-semester program, designed to be completed in one year, and it’s optimized for online learning, meaning you don’t need to go to the Queen’s campus in Kingston, Ontario, to take part.

How much does it cost to hire an immigration lawyer in Canada?


Consultation $250
Permanent Resident Card Renewal with Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds $3,500
Permanent Resident Card Replacement $2,000
Request to Amend Record of Landing $2,000
Replacement of Immigration Document $1,500
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Are immigration consultants Legal?

While immigration consultants are legally able to represent you, only lawyers are allowed to advocate on your behalf in federal court, in the event that it is required.