Is ColourPop a Canadian brand?

ColourPop Cosmetics, also known as ColourPop, is an American cosmetics brand based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2014 by siblings Laura and John Nelson.

Is ColourPop American or Canadian?

Selling mostly face products, ColourPop is an affordable American makeup brand that was founded by siblings Laura and John Nelson. … Founded in 2014, Colourpop Cosmetics has its headquarters in Oxnard, California, USA.

Is there ColourPop in Canada?

The best place to buy ColourPop in Canada is through their website: All sales are final so be sure about your order before you buy. Canada is considered International Shipping and according to the policy, orders under $60 will result in a flat fee of $9.99 USD for shipping.

Is ColourPop Made in USA?

Made with Love in California

We test our products in the nicest way possible, leaving fur babies to be fur babies and experimenting on people instead (the people at ColourPop® HQ to be exact!).

Where does ColourPop make their products?

Since ColourPop manufactures everything in California, one could assume that all of ColourPop’s products are manufactured at Spatz.

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Where can Canadians buy ColourPop?

Canadians Can FINALLY Shop ColourPop Online at Sephora.

Does ColourPop charge duty to Canada?

For orders to Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, and Israel: We are excited to share that Duties & Taxes are now included during checkout on all orders shipping to your country!

Is ColourPop British?

ColourPop Cosmetics, also known as ColourPop, is an American cosmetics brand based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2014 by siblings Laura and John Nelson. … Their makeup is also cruelty-free.

Does Maybelline ship to Canada?

Buy Maybelline at | Free Shipping $35+ in Canada.

Is ColourPop ethical?

All of Colourpop’s products are ethically made in southern California. In other words, they manufacture, test, package, and ship out their products all under one roof. … Colourpop states on their website that they do not test on any animals, but do test on humans at their headquarters.

Is ColourPop a high end brand?

ColourPop has kept a low price point, even lower than drugstore brands, with a quality product. Makeup lovers love to buy things in quantity, like buying 12 different colored liquid lipsticks at once.

What happened to ColourPop?

Nothing lasts forever, and this brand is proving it to their fans the hard way. In order to make room for new launches, ColourPop is discontinuing over 50 products. … The brand announced the Last Chance Sale on their Instagram, which instantly sent fans into a panic.

Is ColourPop a clean brand?

Cult Favorite ColourPop Cosmetics Is Getting a Clean, Vegan Skin-Care Sister Brand. … Best of all, each product is 100 percent cruelty-free, vegan and made without gluten, parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances…and under $20.

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Is ColourPop an indie brand?

7 indie makeup brands you can still support online while social distancing. … Similarly, brands like Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics have closed their distribution and fulfillment centers for the time being. However, there are numerous independent beauty brands that are still shipping out makeup during the pandemic.

Is Kylie Cosmetics made by ColourPop?

Kylie Jenner took the world by storm when she launched her own line of lip kits and proceeded to make millions and millions of dollars with her Kylie Cosmetics brand. … A short time later, Laura and John Nelson, the founders of ColourPop, confirmed that their lab, Spatz Laboratories, does, in fact, make Kylie Cosmetics.

Is ColourPop private label?

The most popular example of private label cosmetics is Kylie’s Cosmetics and ColourPop. Both brands have their products made by Spatz Laboratories and are listed under the same parent company – Seed Beauty. Their formulas are similar but just different enough that they have different names and prices.