Quick Answer: Do you need a license to pan for gold in Ontario?

Acreage owners beware, anyone 18 or over can get a prospector’s licence in Ontario to stake and mine a claim. That doesn’t necessarily mean they can enter and start excavating your land, because unless exempted, some properties and areas are off limits.

Is panning for gold legal in Ontario?

You can pan as much as you want in Ontario as long as it isn’t for commercial purposes. Not sure what you hope to accomplish in your search for gold but Southern Ontario is closed to staking so if you hope to find a gold mine you will have to go to northern Ontario.

Do you need a license to pan for gold in Canada?

If you will be panning for gold using only a gold pan, a licence is not required. If you will be placer mining (using a sluice box or rocker) a recreational placer mining licence is required. … A recreational placer mining licence must be obtained before any equipment is set up.

Can I mine for gold on my own property?

If you did happen to find a large gold deposit on your property and do not own the mineral rights, don’t fear. You do still own the property at least from the ground up. The mineral rights owner cannot simply come and remove you and dig up your property.

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Where can I mine for gold in Ontario?


Mine Coordinates Location
Detour Lake Mine 50°1′8.75″N 79°42′54.08″W Cochrane
Dome Mine 48°27′N 081°14′W Timmins
Golden Giant Mine 48.00°41′N 85.00°54′W Hemlo
Hermiston-McCauley Mine 47°05′54.30″N 79°49′38.18″W Temagami

Is there gold in Sudbury Ontario?

The property sits on a geological feature known as the Benny Greenstone belt. In the past, other companies found zones of gold mineralization on the southwestern portion of this property. … The company regards Sudbury as an underexplored and emerging polymetallic gold district.

Do you need a claim to pan for gold?

I suggest before you get involved in mining, even if you only intend to do some casual panning or sluicing, that you take some time to learn about your mining rights. …

Where can I pan for gold in southern Ontario?

The Ontario Geological Survey reports many places where gold can be found. Recreational prospectors would do well to check out the area around the Lake of the Woods, which is located south of Kenora, Ontario. Also there are lots of streams around Chelmsford, Levak Onaping, and Dowling that are worth a look.

Is panning for gold illegal?

Gold prospecting and mining activities allowed on public lands vary with the agency and the location. Gold pans and shovels are commonly allowed, but sluice boxes and suction dredges may be prohibited in some areas. … Some private land owners also give permission for small-scale gold mining.

Can you pan for gold in a national park?

Generally, most of the National Forests are open to recreational mineral and rock collecting, gold panning and prospecting using a metal detector. This low impact, casual activity usually does not require any authorization.

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Can you find gold in Ontario Canada?

Ontario has been producing gold for over a century. However, it is important to note that if you are looking to find gold by panning, it may not be as easy as you think, even though Ontario is extremely rich with gold.

Does Black Sand mean gold?

Black sands (mostly iron) can be and usually is an indicator of gold, but not always. Rule of thumb is you will generally find black sand with gold, but not always gold with black sand. However if you are finding gold and getting black sands with it, it would be worthwhile to try some and see what happens.

Is there gold in every river?

Every river in the world contains gold. However, some rivers contain so little gold that one could pan and sieve for years and not find even one small flake. … After rigorous chemical analyses, rocks that are found to contain gold in levels where only one part in one million is gold can be professionally mined.