Quick Answer: Is there an exam for PSW in Ontario?

NACC Exam (All PSW students are required to do their NACC exam at the end of the program.)

How do I get my PSW license in Ontario?

In order to become a Personal Support Worker (PSW) in Ontario, you must pursue a PSW program and obtain a diploma from an institution that is accredited by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities.

These institutions include:

  1. Public/Community Colleges.
  2. Private Career Colleges, and.
  3. District School Boards.

Do you need a certificate to be a PSW in Ontario?


has the appropriate current certificate of registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario.

What is NACC exam for PSW?

The NACC final examination is an on-line examination that evaluates the theory component of the training and determines whether the candidate has the required level of knowledge to do the job safely and effectively.

Is Ontario offering free PSW course?

Provide health care in community settings or long-term care facilities. If you have been sitting on the fence about returning to school but have always thought working as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) would be fulfilling, the Ontario Government is offering a free 6-month program to get you started.

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Can I work as a PSW without a certificate?

You might need to get a professional licence from a regulatory authority before you can start working. … If the licence is voluntary, you don’t need to be certified to practise this occupation.

Can I study PSW online?

The good news is that Personal Support Worker Program is available online as well! There are a wide variety of other educational institutions and course options that are currently available as well. There are public colleges, private colleges, District school boards and many other organizations that offer PSW courses.

How much is a PSW paid in Ontario?

$2 per hour for approximately 10,000 eligible workers in public hospitals; and. $3 per hour for approximately 60,000 eligible workers in children, community and social services providing personal direct support services to those who need assistance with the activities of daily living.

Is a CNA the same as a PSW?

A nurse aide works with nurses to help with hands-on patient care. You may work for a hospital or other health care facility. Unlike personal support workers (PSWs), you cannot work in a patient’s home. You may also be called a health care aide, hospital attendant, or nursing assistant.

What is PSW certificate?

The Personal Support Worker program will prepare you with the knowledge and skills to provide compassionate care when assisting individuals with broad-spectrum conditions and health care needs.

What is mean by NACC?

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