What are the top 10 largest cities in Canada by area?

What are the 10 largest urban areas in Canada?

List of census metropolitan areas and agglomerations in Canada

  • Toronto (6,555,205)
  • Montreal (4,364,189)
  • Vancouver (2,737,698)
  • Calgary (1,543,283)
  • Edmonton (1,468,926)
  • Ottawa (1,461,494)

What are the top 10 largest cities in Canada 2020?

The Largest Cities in Canada

Rank City Population in 2020
1 Toronto, Ontario 6,196,731
2 Montreal, Quebec 4,220,566
3 Vancouver, British Columbia 2,581,079
4 Calgary, Alberta 1,547,484

Is Toronto or Montreal bigger?

This is a list of the largest cities in Canada by census starting with the 1871 Census of Canada, the first national census.


Rank City Population
1 Montreal, Quebec 140,747
2 Toronto, Ontario 86,415
3 Quebec, Quebec 62,446
4 Halifax, Nova Scotia 36,100

What are the top 10 cities by size?

The Top 10 Largest U.S. Cities by Population

  • New York City, NY. Population: 8,336,817. …
  • Los Angeles, CA. Population: 3,979,576. …
  • Chicago, IL. Population: 2,693,976. …
  • Houston, TX. Population: 2,320,268. …
  • Phoenix, AZ. Population: 1,680,992. …
  • Philadelphia, PA. Population: 1,584,064. …
  • San Antonio, TX. Population: 1,547,253. …
  • San Diego, CA.
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What are the 3 largest cities in Canada by population?

By population rank

Rank Population centre Population
1 Toronto 5,429,524
2 Montreal 3,519,595
3 Vancouver 2,264,823

Is Vancouver bigger than Montreal?

Canada’s largest metropolitan area is Toronto, in Ontario. Over 6.5 million people were living in the Toronto metropolitan area. … Montréal, in Quebec, followed with about 4.4 million inhabitants, while Vancouver, in Britsh Columbia, counted 2.7 million people as of 2020.

Is Toronto the largest city in Canada?

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and a world leader in such areas as business, finance, technology, entertainment and culture. Its large population of immigrants from all over the globe has also made Toronto one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Is Toronto bigger than Ottawa?

Ottawa is a quiet, sleepy town that has been elevated to big city status by the presence of the federal government. Toronto is bigger, more densely populated and offers more variety in terms of culture and employment opportunities.

Which capital city has the largest population in Canada?

Toronto. Ontario’s capital city, Toronto, is Canada’s most populous municipality with nearly 3 million people. The city is also ranked as one of the most multicultural in the world with half of its population born outside Canada.

What is the most French city in Canada?

Montreal is one of the most bilingual cities in Quebec and Canada, with 57.4% of the population able to speak both English and French. Montreal is the second-largest primarily French-speaking city in the developed world, after Paris.


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Montréal Montréal (French)
Website montreal.ca

Is London bigger than Toronto?

Greater Toronto Area is 4.53 times as big as London (UK)

Is Vancouver bigger than Toronto?

Home to just under 6 million residents in the metro area, Toronto is two and a half times bigger than Vancouver.