What does Unlimited Canada Wide minutes mean Fido?

It means you can call any number in Canada and you will not be charged long-distance.

What is Fido Unlimited Canada Wide minutes?

Unlimited Canada-Wide minutes would mean that both your long distance and your airtime are unlimited at all times all over Canada. If you have a plan that includes it, you shouldn’t be charged.

Does Fido have unlimited Canada Wide Calling?

Since the plan has unlimited Canada-wide minutes you can call any Canadian number at any time without incurring any fees. The only time you will incur fees is if you call a non-Canadian number (US or International).

What does Unlimited Canada Wide Calling mean?

If you call, you technically have unlimited long distance. Canada wide long distance included simply means you are not charged any additional fees for calling outside your Local Calling Area within Canada. A Canada-wide plan means that you could make calls from anywhere in Canada to any number in Canada.

What is Fido unlimited circle calling?

This week, Fido launched a new service called “Circle Calling”. The new feature enables free calling between people on the same Fido account. As users add other people to their Fido account, each with their own monthly plan, all the people on the same account get unlimited local calls within the circle.

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Is Canada Wide Calling the same as long distance?

Canada-Wide calling lets you call anywhere in Canada without racking up long distance charges. Heads up! … If you use up all the Anytime Minutes included in your plan, you’ll be charged 50¢/ minute for additional minutes used, but you won’t be charged for long distance.

What does unlimited calling mean?

Unlimited calling will usually include features like extension-to-extension calling anywhere in the world, unlimited anytime calling to numbers in the US and Canada, and unlimited calls to anyone using the same provider network.

Is Fido Data Canada wide?

Welcome to the community! Once you have Canada wide minutes you can use you phone anywhere in Canada and call anywhere in Canada with out incurring long distance charges. The same goes for your data you can use it anywhere in Canada.

Do incoming calls use minutes Fido?

Welcome to the community! As FidoKenny has already mentioned above, both incoming and outgoing calls are considered airtime and are charged accordingly.

How do I use Fido international minutes?

You can just dial the destination number as normal, using the international dialling format. That is, 011 (from Canada or US) followed by Country Calling Code followed by Area Code followed by phone number. Alternatively, you can use + followed by Country Calling Code followed by Area Code followed by phone number.

What is the difference between unlimited minutes and unlimited Canada Wide minutes?

There is no difference between ‘Unlimited minutes’ and ‘Unlimited Canada-wide minutes’ – they’re both unlimited Canada-wide minutes!

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Do cell phone minutes count on incoming calls?

Incoming cell phone calls typically do use your minutes, but there may be certain conditions under which your cell phone service provider will not count incoming calls.

What is Rogers Canada Wide Calling?

Unlimited local calls, text/picture/video messages apply to 5 numbers on MY5 list. Unlimited Canada-Wide calling applies only to calls initiated/received from your wireless phone in Canada to/from MY5 list. Long distance, text to landline and roaming charges extra.

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