What is a compulsory trade Ontario?

Compulsory Trade: A trade in which registration as an apprentice, journeyperson candidate or certification as a journeyperson is mandatory. There are currently 23 skilled trades that are designated “compulsory”.

What are examples of compulsory trades?

Compulsory Certification Trades

  • Appliance Service Technician. Appliance Service Technician – Commercial Appliance Service Technician. …
  • Barber. Boilermaker.
  • Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator – Boom Truck. …
  • Electrician. …
  • Gasfitter – Class A. …
  • Hairstylist. …
  • Ironworker. …
  • Recreation Vehicle Service Technician.

What is a designated compulsory trade?

Designated trades and occupations are careers that are regulated by the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act. … A worker in a compulsory certification trade is a registered apprentice or a certified journeyperson.

What is a compulsory trade give 2 examples?

The most frequently designated trade is construction electrician, which is compulsory in ten jurisdictions. This is followed by plumber and by refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic, which seven jurisdictions designate as compulsory. No other trade is compulsory in more than five jurisdictions.

Is carpentry a compulsory trade in Ontario?

The Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) is now looking at designating carpentry – which by a strict definition includes all renovators in the province – as a “compulsory” trade. If this goes through, all carpenters will legally have to join the College and pay its annual fees.

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Is a red seal mandatory in Ontario?

Yes. The Agreement on Internal Trade states that a Certificate of Qualification must be recognized by the regulatory body in other provinces and no further requirements, such as exams, can be imposed. This is true even in Red Seal trades.

What trades are in demand in Ontario?

Top 12 Best-Paying Skilled Trades Jobs To Help You Move To Canada

  • Industrial Electrician (NOC 7242) …
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic (NOC 7313) …
  • Truck and Transport Mechanic (NOC 7321) …
  • Automotive Service Technician (NOC 7321) …
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician (NOC 7312)

What is the highest paying trade in Ontario?

Construction electricians earn $72,000 two years after certification, according to the Government of Ontario.

The highest paying trades in Canada.

Skilled Trade Salary – Year of Certification
Industrial electrician $80,000
Industrial mechanic (Millwright) $76,000
Steamfitter or Pipefitter $74,000
Construction electrician $72,000

What is an apprenticeship Ontario?

What is an apprenticeship? An apprenticeship is a pathway to a rewarding career in the trades. As an apprentice, you take classes and learn your trade by working under the direction of experienced workers – and get paid while you do it.

Are apprenticeships mandatory?

Is Apprenticeship Training mandated under the Act? mandated to undertake Apprenticeship Programs in a range from 2.5% -15% of its workforce (including direct contractual employees) every year. For establishments having a workforce between 4 – 29 this is optional.

Is the Ontario College of Trades closing?

The Ontario College of Trades is winding down as the government takes action to modernize the skilled trades and apprenticeship system.

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Is plumbing a compulsory trade?

(e) “trade” means the occupation of plumber that is designated as a compulsory certification trade pursuant to the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act. 2 The undertakings that constitute the trade are the fabrication, installation, alteration, maintenance and repair of plumbing.

How do I find my apprenticeship number Ontario?

The apprentice will email the documents from steps 1 & 2 to the LO Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, along with their 7 digit Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Client ID Number (this number can be found on the apprentice’s original Training agreement that was signed with the Ministry – THIS IS NOT the …