What is the difference between unlimited minutes and unlimited Canada Wide minutes?

There is no difference between ‘Unlimited minutes’ and ‘Unlimited Canada-wide minutes’ – they’re both unlimited Canada-wide minutes!

What does Unlimited Canada Wide minutes mean?

Unlimited Canada-Wide minutes would mean that both your long distance and your airtime are unlimited at all times all over Canada. If you have a plan that includes it, you shouldn’t be charged.

What does Unlimited Canada Calling mean?

to any telephone number in canada. From any location in canada. Any not have any long distance fees. With it being unlimited, there are no minutes to go over, for extra charges, etc that way. 2 Likes.

Is koodo Data Canada wide?

Koodo plans run on Canada’s coast-to-coast 4G network covering 99% of Canada’s population, stretching your coverage from east to west and north to south.

What does unlimited evenings and weekends mean?

This is only available for airtime minutes. Based on what you said, you can use the 100 Canada-wide minutes anytime. On weekends and weekdays after 5pm, you can make unlimited calls. However, you did not state whether the plan includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes for evenings and weekends.

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What are Canada wide anytime minutes?

On a Canada-wide plan, your anytime minutes can be used to call anywhere in Canada, coast to coast, without paying long distance rates.

Is Canada Wide Calling the same as long distance?

Canada-Wide calling lets you call anywhere in Canada without racking up long distance charges. Heads up! … If you use up all the Anytime Minutes included in your plan, you’ll be charged 50¢/ minute for additional minutes used, but you won’t be charged for long distance.

What does unlimited minutes mean virgin?

Virgin Mobile’s Truly Unlimited customers will enjoy unlimited texts, minutes and data without caps or throttling. Truly Unlimited is for consumers only and not to be used for commercial purposes.

What is Canada Wide talk?

On a Canada-Wide calling plan, as long as you’re in Canada and connected to the network, calls to other Canadian numbers will connect. For your question – if you need LD addons, the costs are $8 for 200 Canada and US minutes, $15 for 400 minutes to 18 Countries including Canada and the US.

Do cell phone minutes count on incoming calls?

Incoming cell phone calls typically do use your minutes, but there may be certain conditions under which your cell phone service provider will not count incoming calls.

Will koodo get unlimited data?

$50 – Unlimited Minutes and 12GB Plan

Koodo’s best unlimited plan with data is their $50 Unlimited Minutes Plan. Why we love it: During their current promotion, Koodo gives you 12GB of data on top of Canada-wide unlimited talk and text. That’s far more full-speed 4G LTE data than most Canadians use in a typical month.

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Do incoming calls use minutes Koodo?

An incoming call is a call received on your Koodo phone. Your incoming local calling area is the geographic boundary associated with your phone numbers.

Koodo Long Distance.

Calls within Canada Airtime 50¢/minute (+ airtime) if you exceed the minutes included in your plan.
Calls in the US (long distance) $1.50/minute

How much is an unlimited data plan?

Comparison of single line unlimited data plans with autopay discounts applied

Carrier Unlimited data monthly cost Data limit
AT&T Unlimited &More $70 22GB/month
Verizon “gounlimited” $75 none
T-Mobile One Plus $80 50GB/month
AT&T Unlimited &More Premium $80 22GB/month

What are anytime minutes?

Anytime minutes are minutes on a cell phone that can be used during a specific time period each day, and they are essentially the minutes the person pays for each month. … In plans, where people are allotted a certain amount of minutes, using the phone during these hours will use up the minutes.

What are night and weekend minutes?

Nights and Weekend calls are billed based on the time zone of the location of the phone when a call is placed or received. Nights and Weekend hours do not change on holidays; the same hours apply.