What is the most western town in Canada?

The votes have been tallied and Canada’s Greatest Western Town Contest has reached a fitting end (see the entire bracket of towns here), with Old Cowtown . . aka. . . Maple Creek, Saskatchewan the final winner!

What is the most westerly town in Canada?

Canadian Geography Facts

From Canada’s easternmost point at Cape Spear, Newfoundland to its westernmost point at Boundary Peak 187, Yukon is a distance of approximately 5,514 km.

What is the western most province in Canada?

British Columbia, westernmost of Canada’s 10 provinces.

Is Winnipeg East or West?

Winnipeg lies at the bottom of the Red River Valley, a flood plain with an extremely flat topography. It is on the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies in Western Canada and is known as the “Gateway to the West”.

Which Canadian province is furthest south?

The Province of Ontario contains its most southerly extremes: on the mainland at Point Pelee; on solid land at the edge of Middle Island; and on open water at an international boundary upon Lake Erie just south of Middle Island.

What Canada’s most eastern province?

Newfoundland and Labrador

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Canada’s easternmost province is, as the name implies, two distinct geographic areas: the Island of Newfoundland at the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the mainland portion of Labrador on the Ungava Peninsula east of Quebec.

Where is the most eastern part of Canada?

Cape Spear (French: Cap d’Espoir) is a headland located on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland near St. John’s in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. At a longitude of 52°37′ W, it is the easternmost point in Canada and North America, excluding Greenland.

Which province is the furthest to the west?

Yukon is the farthest west territory, and British Columbia is the farthest west province.

What is Western Canada known for?

Western Canada generally includes British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. These four provinces are brimming with attractions and adventures, such as the Rocky Mountains, world-renowned ski resorts, and fantastic annual celebrations.

What is the biggest province in Canada?

Land area

Rank Name and flag Land area (km2)
1 Nunavut 1,936,113
2 Quebec 1,365,128
3 Northwest Territories 1,183,085
4 British Columbia 925,186

What’s the capital of Alberta?

Edmonton, city, capital of Alberta, Canada. It lies along the North Saskatchewan River in the centre of the province, 185 miles (300 km) north of Calgary.

Why is Winnipeg called Winnipeg?

The name Winnipeg has its origin in the Cree name given to the lake 40 miles north, meaning “Win”, muddy, “nipee”, water. … From a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post (Fort Garry) in 1870, with a population of 215, Winnipeg proper has grown to the size of a first-class city of 663,617 people (2011 Census).

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