What is the penalty for stunt driving in Ontario?

minimum fine – $2,000 and up to $10,000 plus 25% victim surcharge for the first time; immediate licence suspensions for 30 days; driver’s licence suspension upon conviction: from 1 to 3 years.

How many points is stunt driving in Ontario?

If you are caught stunt driving in Ontario, you could face six demerit points.

What are the consequences of stunt driving?

3 demerit points. Mandatory court appearance (pink ticket) Possible suspension of your licence for no more than 90 days. Possible jail time of up to 6 months.

Can you beat a stunt driving in Ontario?

The most cost-effective and low-stress way to fight a stunt driving or race motor vehicle offence is to hire a licenced and experienced paralegal. Paralegals know the law and the court system and are licenced through the Law Society just as lawyers are.

How long does stunt driving stay on your record in Ontario?

How Long Does Stunt Driving Stay on Your Record in Ontario? Stunt driving will stay on your record in Ontario for a total of three (3) years from the conviction date. The conviction date is the date you are found guilty in court.

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What are the new stunt driving laws in Ontario?

On July 1, the criteria for stunt driving dropped from 50 km/h to 40 km/h or higher if the driver is operating the vehicle on a road that has a speed limit less than 80 km/h. Stunt driving on roads with a posted limit of 80 km/h or higher continues to be when someone is going 50 km/h or higher above the limit.

Can stunt driving be dropped?

The first step in having a Stunt Driving charge dropped is to retain effective, experienced representation. It is very difficult for unrepresented defendants to be persuasive in court with little to no experience. Next, all of the evidence against you needs to be collected and meticulously sorted through.

How does stunt driving affect insurance?

How Does Stunt Driving Affect Your Car Insurance? … A stunt driving conviction will remain on your driving record for three years. Insurance companies may not be willing to insure you, or if one does, the premium will not be cheap.

What counts as stunting?

Stunting Meaning: The Stunting Definition in Alberta

According to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, you can get a stunting ticket when you “perform or engage in any stunt or other activity on a roadway that is likely to distract, startle, or interfere with other users of the roadway”.

How fast do you have to go to get your car impounded in Ontario?

This means that if you speed at 50km/h or more above the posted speed limit in an 80km/h or higher zone, or if you are 40km/h in a zone lower than 80km/h – you will immediately get your car impounded at the scene of the charge.

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What is stunting traffic violation?

Most times a stunt driving ticket will be issued when a police officer finds a driver driving in excess of fifty (50) kilometres per hour. … outdistancing or attempting to outdistance one or more other motor vehicles while driving at a rate of speed that is a marked departure from the lawful rate of speed, or.

What is the definition of stunt driving in Ontario?

Under the HTA, “Stunt” driving can mean:

Driving with a person in the trunk of motor vehicle, or driving while not in the driver’s seat. Exceeding 50km/h of the speed limit where the speed limit is 80km/h or more (the most commonly known, and the most commonly charged offence).