What makes up the Canadian Shield?

The Canadian Shield is the ancient core of the North American Continent. It is composed mainly of highly metamorphosed granite, with smaller areas of metamorphosed sedimentary and igneous rocks and some areas of relatively horizontal but still quite ancient sedimentary rocks.

What is the Canadian Shield made up of?

As the exposed part of the North American puzzle piece, the Canadian shield is made of hard rock, both igneous (formed by the rapid cooling of liquid rock) and metamorphic (rock that has been changed by enormous heat and pressure). It is covered with relatively thin layers of soil, gravel, etc.

What provinces are in the Canadian Shield?

The physical features of the Canadian Shield includes rocks , bares and plateaus . The Canadian Shield has uplands which are high or hilly areas, and there are also a lot of rivers , lakes , streams and wetlands. Wetlands help clean water by trapping harmful chemicals.

What is the Canadian Shield a layer of?

The Canadian Shield — also called the Laurentian Plateau is a large geological shield covered by a thin layer of soil that forms the nucleus of the North American or Laurentia craton. Precambrian igneous and metamorphic rocks are exposed in eastern and central Canada and form the core of the North American continent.

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Why is the Canadian Shield almost completely uninhabited?

This is the vast, northwestern part of Canada that contains the three territories: Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. This region has dry, barren, and mostly uninhabited areas. This is largely because it has long, cold winters with heavy snow and perpetually frozen soil.

Are there fossils in the Canadian Shield?

Although some Precambrian fossils such as stromatolites can be found in northern Ontario in the Canadian Shield, most of the fossils in Ontario will be found in the Paleozoic rocks that record the life that lived in the shallow seas emergent during the times.

Is Ottawa part of the Canadian Shield?

Ottawa, situated almost entirely north of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence lowlands, is part of the Canadian Shield.

What are the four major industries in the Canadian Shield?

Natural Resources / Industries in the Canadian Shield Region today: 1) Furs – from fur bearing animals (hunting and trapping is still a large industry). 2) Minerals – this makes a lot of sense because the Shield is solid rock. Canadians extract copper, gold, nickel , zinc and lead from this area.

Where is the Hudson Bay?

Hudson Bay, inland sea indenting east-central Canada. With an area of 316,000 square miles (819,000 square km), it is bounded by Nunavut territory (north and west), Manitoba and Ontario (south), and Quebec (east).

What are some fun facts about the Canadian Shield?

It is mainly composed of granite and has a thin layer of soil. A total of four different mountain ranges rise from the Canadian Shield. The Precambrian rocks of this shield are estimated to be around 570 million years old. The Canadian Shield is also known as the Precambrian Shield and the Laurentian Plateau.

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Is the Canadian Shield a mountain range?

How did the Canadian Shield differ during the Precambrian era in appearance from today? It used to be mountains, now it’s levelled by erosion, leaving rock covered by soil and many lakes.