What percentage of radio is Canadian?

– All radio stations must ensure that 35 percent of the music they air each week is Canadian. In addition: – Commercial radio stations must ensure that 35 percent of the music they air between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, is Canadian.

What percentage of Canadian radio is Canadian?

The rules specified that 30 per cent of songs on radio station playlists must be Canadian if a radio station wanted a licence to operate in Canada.

What is the largest sector of the broadcasting industry in Canada?

Companies operating in all broadcasting segments (i.e. radio, conventional television, discretionary and on demand television and BDU) generated approximately 64% of total Canadian broadcasting revenues in 2016.

ii) Industry characteristics.

Broadcaster Percent revenue
Corus 19%
CBC 19%
Rogers 13%
Other 10%

Who owns all the media in Canada?

Apart from a limited number of community broadcasters, media in Canada are primarily owned by a small number of companies: Bell, Corus, Rogers, Quebecor and the government-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Do Canadians listen to radio?

The research found that 68% of Canadians listen to commercial radio on at least a weekly basis, with 39% listening daily, more than any other audio broadcast platform. By comparison, 39% listen to streaming music weekly (20% daily) and 32% listen to CBC/Radio-Canada (16% daily).

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What percentage is CanCon?

For broadcast stations, the CRTC presently requires that 60% yearly, and at least 50% of programming aired daily from 6:00 pm to midnight must be of Canadian origin. In May 2011 the CanCon requirement for private television broadcasters was lowered to 55% yearly.

What is Bill C 10 Canada?

An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act (43rd Canadian Parliament, 2nd Session) An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act (Bill C-10) is a proposed Canadian federal legislation, introduced on November 3, 2020 by Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault during the second session of the 43rd Canadian Parliament.

Who owns most radio stations in Canada?

Looking at the most profitable commercial radio stations in Canada, Bell Canada (BCE) stands out as the country’s leading broadcasting company at a 24 percent market share.

Who owns CTV Canada?

Canada’s source for news, culture, food and travel.

Does the government own bell?

Between 1980 and 1997, the federal government fully deregulated the telecommunications industry and Bell Canada’s monopoly largely ended. … In turn, Bell has assumed responsibility for Bell Aliant’s wireless and retail operations. Bell Aliant, now an income trust, is 44% owned by Bell.

Does Bell own CP24?

CP24 is a Canadian English-language specialty news channel owned by Bell Media, a subsidiary of BCE Inc. and operated alongside the Bell-owned CTV Television Network’s owned-and-operated television stations CFTO-DT (CTV Toronto) and CKVR-DT (CTV 2 Barrie).