Which city is located closest to the Canadian capital of Ottawa?

Together, Ottawa and the city of Gatineau, which is located directly across from Ottawa in Quebec, make up the National Capital Region called Ottawa-Gatineau. This specially designated region refers to not only the cities themselves but also their surrounding Census Metropolitan Areas.

Which city is closest to Ottawa?

Papineauville, Canada. Saint-andre-avellin, Canada. Smiths Falls, Canada.

Cities near Ottawa, Ontario:

City: round-trip one-way
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What foreign capital city is closest to Ottawa?

Ottawa is approximately 400 kilometers east of Toronto, and about 200 kilometers west of Montreal. The city is located on the south bank of the Ottawa River, opposite Gatineau, which belongs to the province of Quebec.

How close to Ottawa Canada’s capital is Kingston?

It is located approximately 175 km southwest of Ottawa, 290 km west of Montreal and 260 km east of Toronto. The former capital of the Province of Canada (1841), Kingston’s position at the junction of the Great Lakes and St.

Which capital city is located on the Ottawa River?

Ottawa, city, capital of Canada, located in southeastern Ontario. In the eastern extreme of the province, Ottawa is situated on the south bank of the Ottawa River across from Gatineau, Quebec, at the confluence of the Ottawa (Outaouais), Gatineau, and Rideau rivers.

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What towns are near Ottawa IL?

Cities near Ottawa, Illinois:

  • La Salle, IL.
  • Peru, IL.
  • Streator, IL.
  • Morris, IL.
  • Channahon, IL.
  • Pontiac, IL.
  • Oswego, IL.
  • Shorewood, IL.

Is Ottawa closer to Montreal or Toronto?

Ottawa is a two hour drive West from Montreal. Visit http://www.ottawatourism.ca/forms/index.asp?intSite=1&lang=en for more info. Then there is Toronto (my hometown). It is the largest city in Canada and the most multicultural city in North America.

What is the capital of Ottawa?

Ottawa became the functional legislative capital in 1866, and was officially made the Capital of the Dominion of Canada with Confederation in 1867. By 1857, the Province of Canada was in political upheaval – the question of where to locate the political capital was paramount.

Why is Ottawa the capital city of Canada?

To settle it, Queen Victoria chose Ottawa because it was centrally located between the cities of Montreal and Toronto, and was along the border of Ontario and Quebec (the centre of Canada at the time). It was also far from the American border, making it safer from attacks.

What region is Ottawa?

Ottawa is located in the sub-region of Southern Ontario called Eastern Ontario. Gatineau is located in southwestern Quebec. Although overall Ontario is west of Quebec, the boundary in this region is situated in such a way that Gatineau is north of Ottawa, and northwest of the city centre.

What is the capital city of New Brunswick?

Fredericton, city, capital (since 1785) of New Brunswick, Canada, lying on the St. John River 84 miles (135 km) from its mouth, in the south-central part of the province.

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Is Kingston close to Ottawa?

Distance between Ottawa and Kingston is 145 kilometers (90 miles). Driving distance from Ottawa to Kingston is 193 kilometers (120 miles).

Which region is Kingston?

The city is midway between Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec. Kingston is also located nearby the Thousand Islands tourist region to the east and the Prince Edward County tourist region to the west.

Kingston, Ontario.

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