Who is Ontario prime minister?


Who is currently Ontario’s prime minister?

Doug Ford is the 26th and current premier of Ontario.

Premier of Ontario
Incumbent Doug Ford since June 29, 2018
Government of Ontario
Style The Honourable (formal) Premier (informal)
Status Head of Government

Who governs Ontario?

The premier of Ontario is Doug Ford of the Progressive Conservatives since the 2018 election; the 26th since Confederation.

Who was Ontario’s last premier?


Rank Premier Dates in office
17 Ernest Charles Drury 1919–1923
18 George Stewart Henry 1930–1934
19 Doug Ford (incumbent) 2018–present
20 Arthur Sturgis Hardy 1896–1899

Which party is in power in Ontario 2020?

The current Premier of Ontario is Progressive Conservative Party leader Doug Ford, as the party leader that won a majority of seats in the 2018 Ontario general election. The Official Opposition, and the only other recognized party, is the Ontario New Democratic Party led by Andrea Horwath.

Who is the leader of Ontario?

Ottawa, city, capital of Canada, located in southeastern Ontario. In the eastern extreme of the province, Ottawa is situated on the south bank of the Ottawa River across from Gatineau, Quebec, at the confluence of the Ottawa (Outaouais), Gatineau, and Rideau rivers.

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What is the capital of Ontario?

Ontario’s capital city, Toronto, is Canada’s most populous municipality with nearly 3 million people. The city is also ranked as one of the most multicultural in the world with half of its population born outside Canada. Over 140 languages and dialects are spoken here.

How is Ontario divided?

Ontario is sometimes conceptually divided into two regions, Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. The great majority of Ontario’s population and arable land is in the south. In contrast, the larger, northern part of Ontario is sparsely populated with cold winters and heavy forestation.

Is Bill Davis still alive?

The segment is operated privately under a 99-year lease agreement with the provincial government, which was sold in 1999 for about C$3.1 billion to a consortium of Canadian and Spanish investors operating under the name 407 International Inc.

Who was Canada’s first prime minister?

Sir John Alexander Macdonald GCB PC QC (10 or 11 January 1815 – 6 June 1891) was the first prime minister of Canada, serving from 1867 to 1873 and from 1878 to 1891. The dominant figure of Canadian Confederation, he had a political career that spanned almost half a century.

Who is the prime minister of Canada?

The People’s Party of Canada (French: Parti populaire du Canada, PPC) is a federal political party in Canada. … It is placed on the right-wing to far right of the traditional left–right political spectrum.