Who owns Petro Canada Lubricants?

Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc.

Who is Petro-Canada owned by?

Petro-Canada is a retail and wholesale marketing brand subsidiary of Suncor Energy. Until 1991, it was a federal Crown corporation (a state-owned enterprise).


Type Subsidiary
Number of employees 4,514 (2008)
Parent Suncor Energy
Website www.petro-canada.ca

Does Holly Frontier own Petro-Canada?

In addition, HollyFrontier , through its subsidiary, owns Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc. , whose Mississauga, Ontario facility produces 15,600 barrels per day of base oils and other specialized lubricant products and owns a 37% interest (including a 2% general partner interest) in Holly Energy Partners, L.P.

Is Petro-Canada owned by Suncor?

On Aug. 1, 2009, Suncor and Petro Canada merged, creating Canada’s leading energy company. At Suncor, our purpose is to provide trusted energy that enhances people’s lives, while caring for each other and the earth. Our values guide us in fulfilling our purpose and represent who we are, and who we aspire to be.

Why did Suncor buy Petro-Canada?

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) – Suncor Energy Inc said on Monday it will buy rival Petro-Canada to create Canada’s biggest oil company, dominant in the Alberta oil sands and able to slash costs as it looks to weather a period of low oil prices.

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Does China own Petro Canada?

PetroChina Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of PetroChina Company Limited (PetroChina). … As Forbes’ third largest integrated oil and gas company in the world by production (barrels of oil equivalent), and China’s top oil producer, PetroChina has operations and employees worldwide.

Where does Petro Canada get its oil from?

Domestic Oil Production and Imports

Crude oil imports occur primarily in Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic Provinces, and comprised 46% of Canada’s total refinery inputs in 2018.

Who owns Holly Frontier Corporation?

The company was incorporated under the name General Appliance Corporation in 1947 and changed its name to Holly Corporation in 1952. In 2003, Frontier Oil agreed to acquire Holly but Holly later cancelled the merger, leading to litigation.

How many refineries does Holly Frontier own?

Subsidiaries of HollyFrontier Corporation own and operate five complex refineries with an annual average crude oil capacity of approximately 554,000 barrels per day.

Where are HollyFrontier refineries?

HollyFrontier owns and operates refineries located in Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Utah and markets its refined products principally in the Southwest U.S., the Rocky Mountains extending into the Pacific Northwest and in other neighboring Plains states.

Where is Petro-Canada headquarters?

Shell Canada – Canadian unit of Shell with 1800 stations across Canada. Sunoco – owned by Suncor Energy; operated 200 stations in Ontario, since 2009 converted to Petro Canada. Supertest Petroleum – later acquired by BP. Ultramar – 983 service stations, 87 truck stop facilities across Canada.

Does Trudeau own gas stations?

Charles-Émile Trudeau was considered gregarious, boisterous, and extravagant. … Trudeau accumulated a fortune by building gas stations around the Montreal area and a loyalty program known as the Automobile Owners’ Association, which by 1932 had 15,000 members patronizing Trudeau’s 30 stations.

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