Who supplies gas to Canadian Tire?

All Canadian Tire gasoline is provided by major oil companies whose products meet or exceed all government standards for motor fuel. Canadian Tire buys and sells fuels from main Canadian refiners but does not have a ‘Top Tier’ designation at this time.

Where does Canadian Tire get their gas from?

It all comes from the same refinery. There’s only a handful in Ontario. It’s a very volatile business. Only if you’re part of an integrated company will the swings be offset.

What kind of gas does Canadian Tire use?

Canadian Tire does not refine its own gas. It buys it off contract from either Shell, Sunoco or Imperial, just like almost all other gas stations in southern Ontario. If you’re using 91 why not just stick with Shell or Costco, it’s the only two I use.

Where does co op get their gas from?

Web Content Viewer. CO-OP® Fuels are proudly manufactured from crude oil – as well as wheat- and corn-based ethanol – sourced from Western Canadian suppliers. All of our gasoline is TOP TIERTM certified and, in select markets, our TOP TIERTM certified CO-OP® Premium Diesel is available.

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Where does Ultramar gas come from?

Its refinery in Lévis, Quebec was built ten years later. From 1979 to 1996, Ultramar grew by acquiring stations from several other companies, including Canadian fuel marketers Texaco Canada, Gulf Canada, Sergaz, Sunoco and Spur.

Which gas station has the best quality gas in Canada?


This self-service gas station offers fuel with the highest octane number in Canada, the Ultra 94. The octane number only means that your fuel will burn more efficiently than ever.

Who makes Pioneer gas?

Pioneer Energy

Formerly Pioneer Petroleums (1956–2011)
Headquarters Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Key people Tim Hogarth (President & CEO)
Products Fuels, Lubricants, Petrochemicals
Parent Parkland Fuel (2016–present)

Is Canadian Tire filling propane?

Yes, Canadian Tire does refill propane tanks. They also offer propane tank exchanges and new propane tanks for purchase.

Does Canadian Tire gas bar take Canadian Tire money?

With a Triangle Rewards card, Gas+ customers can collect 3¢ per litre 1 back in Canadian Tire Money ® when you pay with cash or debit! … With a Triangle credit card, Gas+ customers collect 5¢ back per litre in CT Money ® on all fuel types at Gas+ Locations. 1. Earn Fast.

Is Canadian Tire 91 gas ethanol free?

Shell 91, (or V-Power 93) and most of the other brand “premium” gasolines do not have ethanol. The Canadian regulation requires 10% ethanol average in its fuel, by volume sold. So your lowest tier (usually 87 octane) will have 10% to 15% ethanol in it.

Does Canada import gasoline?

Gasoline Imports

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Although Canada is a net exporter of gasoline, some imports are required to meet local demand due to differences in regional production. Quebec generally imports the most gasoline, much of which is subsequently shipped to Ontario.

What gas does coop use?

Co-op gets their gas from shell.

Do all gas stations get their gas from the same place?

All Gas Is the Same (Up to a Point)

Once the petroleum gets to the refinery, it is made into gasoline. Oil tankers carry this gas to different companies, so the gasoline part of gas is the same. However, each company is required by law to put additives in the fuel.