Why would Service Canada EI call me?

Will EI Canada call me?

1 800 O-Canada is a general information service and does not usually make unsolicited attempts to contact Canadians. In very rare cases, Service Canada may unexpectedly contact you in the course of delivering Government of Canada services.

Why am I getting a call from Service Canada?

Service Canada doesn’t call you. If someone calls claiming to be them, they’re a scammer and you should either hang up, or waste as much of their time as possible so they can’t scam anyone else. Bonus points if you get them to swear at you.

How do I know if Service Canada is calling me?

You can check that the call you received was in fact from the CRA by calling: 1-888-863-8657 for individual debts. 1-877-477-5068 for GST/HST debts. 1-877-548-6016 for payroll debts.

Does CRA ever contact you by phone?

“Yes the CRA may ask you questions, but they aren’t going to call you and ask for personal information. If you call them, they may ask for personal information as a way to identify you, it is part of their authentication protocol, but they would not call you for that information,” she said.

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Does Government of Canada call you?

The CRA does indeed call Canadians who owe tax to the government. But they don’t use aggressive language or threaten to throw you in jail if you don’t pay up ASAP in bitcoin or iTunes gift cards. “A collections officer may call you to discuss your file and ask you to make a payment.

How does EI contact?

After you apply for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, you’ll have to submit reports to Service Canada every 2 weeks for as long as you receive benefits. … You’ll need your social insurance number and the 4-digit access code we mailed you to submit your reports online or by phone.

Does Service Canada make automated calls?

Fraudulent communications

The CRA’s automated courtesy calls do not ask for, or give out, personal information. To learn more about how to identify fraudulent communications, go to Protect yourself against fraud.

Does Service Canada ask for SIN number over the phone?

However, Service Canada and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre have confirmed these calls are fraudulent and that fraudsters are masking their phone number with legitimate government phone numbers in an effort to gain access to personal or financial information. …

Does Service Canada ask for access code?

This service allows you to request a personal access code ( PAC ). Once you have made your PAC request, we will mail it to you at the address we have on file. You need your PAC when you register for My Service Canada Account.

How do you tell if CRA call is real?

Check that the call you received was legitimate by contacting the CRA at the number that you look up yourself on the CRA website before you provide any information to the caller.

Make sure the caller is a CRA employee and not a scammer

  1. name.
  2. phone number.
  3. office location.
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How do I stop fake calls from CRA?

Call the CRA at 1-800-959-8281 for individuals and 1-800-959-5525 for businesses to request that enhanced security measures be placed on your account. These measures will ensure CRA call centre agents ask additional security questions to determine a caller’s identity.

Can Service Canada suspend your sin?

A SIN cannot be suspended as it is merely an ID number. Your benefits can be suspended but they will mail you notice if there is a problem. If you want to speak to someone, look up the number to a Service Canada yourself and initiate the call yourself.