You asked: How do I report a truck driver in Canada?

How do you report a trucking company anonymously?

You can reach this line at 1-888-DOT-SAFT (368-7238) from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Calling this number will trigger an investigation into the trucking company and the incident in question.

Who regulates trucking in Canada?

In Canada, the trucking industry is regulated by the federal government. The federal government requires that each trucking company must be compliant in their home province. However, each province also regulates their own highways and roadways.

How do I report a DOT violation?

The Department of Transportation has established a hotline for real or potential violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. To file a safety violation report, please call the toll-free hotline (888)-368-7238 or (888)-DOT-SAFT.

Who regulates truck drivers in Ontario?

The Carrier Safety and Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has prepared this guide to assist and ensure that truck and bus companies (commercial-vehicle operators) operate safely and are compliant with the regulations that govern highway use.

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How do I file a complaint against a trucking company?

Reporting Option #1: In an Emergency, Call 911

Make sure you give the dispatcher as much information as you can, including a description of the vehicle, its license plate number, its location, and your reason for concern.

Can you sue a trucking company?

You can sue a trucking company for damages if the driver is considered an employee of the business rather than an independent contractor. A driver is considered an employee of the trucking company if the company controls the work of the employee, including what will be done and how.

Are trucking companies federally regulated?

Interprovincial trucking

The rules on this page apply to employees working for an Alberta company trucking interprovincially and/or internationally but hauling their own commodities. All other interprovincial and/or international trucking is subject to federal regulations.

What is considered a commercial vehicle in Canada?

According to the MTO, a commercial motor vehicle is a vehicle plated in Ontario, Mexico, or the U.S. such as: trucks with a gross weight or registered gross weight over 4,500 kg. buses with a seating capacity of 10 or more passengers. tow trucks – regardless of gross weight or registered gross weight.

How many hours can a truck driver drive in Canada?

Currently, commercial vehicle drivers hours of service regulations in Canada limit drivers to 13-hours of consecutive driving time in a 16-hour work shift and then a minimum of 8 consecutive hours of off duty status.

How long does a DOT violation Stay on record?

DOT Drug and Alcohol Violations stay on your record for 3 years. (Keep in mind; a company may not report the positive or refused test longer than 3 years, but still report that the driver was terminated and is not eligible for rehire due to a company policy violation longer than 3 years.

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What is a DOT violation?

Part 395.8(e) is violated when a driver fails to complete a record of duty status (using a log book or automated recorder); a driver or motor carrier fails to keep or file a record of duty status; or a driver or motor carrier makes a false statement concerning record of duty status.

How can I sue a trucking company for not paying me?

For starters, you can file an online complaint with your states DOL, wage and hour division. I would also have an attorney send them a letter of intent. Pretty much says, pay up or get sued. Some people will think different when they get a lawyer letter.

Do I need a log book for my truck?

The regulations state that every driver must keep a record of duty (a logbook) every day unless you stay within a 100-mile radius from your office or return to the office within 12 hours. Filling out an hours of service log is not only a matter of Federal Law for truck drivers but also company policy.

What’s a Cvor?

Commercial vehicle operator’s registration ( CVOR ) Commercial vehicle operators in Ontario must have a valid Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration ( CVOR ) certificate and carry a copy. The CVOR system monitors commercial carrier safety to improve road safety for all road users.

How many hours can a truck driver drive in Ontario?

Ontario Driving Limitations

For the 24-hour period “day,” a driver cannot drive more than 13 hours. During the 24-hour period “day,” a driver cannot drive after having been on-duty more than 14 hours.