You asked: What do Zombo points do in Death Road to Canada?

Zombo Points (ZP for short) are a form of currency in Death Road to Canada used to purchase a variety of upgrades to the game.

What does dexterity do in Death Road to Canada?

Dexterity. Dexterity is a hidden stat that determines the movement speed of each character. Most characters will have a default value of 0 but certain Perks and Traits can alter the starting Dexterity score of a character, such as Big Bruiser or Travel Light.

What does horse do in Death Road to Canada?

Horse is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited during an Event while driving. … Horse only has 1 inventory slot and is incapable of using melee weapons, but can still use firearms and throwing weapons. His Strength and Fitness are revealed upon recruitment.

How do you unlock the specialist in death Road Canada?

Specialist is a trait purchased from the Trait Unlocking for 15 ZP that gives the character a good mix of combat skills at the cost of only being able to use one weapon. It is recommend that characters with this trait are melee user as ranged weapons are not good once they run out of ammo.

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How do you upgrade perks in Death Road Canada?

All perks can be “leveled up” to make them more effective by purchasing upgrades with Zombo Points from Zombo Town. There are three levels to each perk, and each level up contributes additional stat boosts or starting items. By default, 14 perks are available, and 10 more can be purchased with Zombo Points.

What does cool it do in Death Road to Canada?

The group has a hidden ‘Cool it’ stat which increases whenever a character says ‘Cool it’ in dialogue. Once the regular ‘Cool it’ option has been selected 3 times, ‘Cool It!!! ‘, differentiated by three flashing exclamation marks, replaces the ordinary option to reflect the availability of a new, beneficial outcome.

What does the anime figurine do in Death Road to Canada?

The Anime Figurine is an “item” sold by the Anime Salesman in Death Road to Canada. It will raise or lower a party member’s morale based on attitude.

How do you redeem points on Zombo?

Zombo Points accumulate across multiple runs for players to spend them in Zombo Town, where they can purchase new perks and traits, upgrade existing perks, and buy gameplay improvements such as better toilet loot and increased chances of finding rare traders and locations.

How do you unlock the Unomey?

Unomey can be found in Zombo Town, which is easily found by selecting “Unlocks” from the title screen. You’ll need a whopping 555 Zombo Points to unlock everything that Unomey has to offer – and that doesn’t even cover the perks and traits you can unlock.

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