You asked: What is the average rainfall for Ontario?

In Ontario, the average annual temperature is 17.0 °C | 62.6 °F. The annual rainfall is 424 mm | 16.7 inch.

What is the average precipitation for each month in Ontario?

* Data from weather station: Toronto, Canada. On average, September is the wettest month with 85.0 mm (3.35 inch) of precipitation. On average, March is the driest month with 53.0 mm (2.09 inch) of precipitation.

How many days per year does it rain in Ontario?

On average, July is the driest month with 10 rainy days. The average annual amount of rainy days is: 146.

What is the average inches of rain per year?

For the entire United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, the average amount of moisture falling as rain and snow is 30.21 inches (767 millimetres).

How many inches of rain did Ontario CA get?

Climate Averages

Ontario, California United States
Rainfall 15.7 in. 38.1 in.
Snowfall 0.0 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 30.5 days 106.2 days
Sunny 279 days 205 days
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What is the rainiest month in Ontario?

September is the most wet month. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. March is the driest month. July is the most sunny month.

What is the wettest month in Ontario?

The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is July (53mm). The driest month (with the least rainfall) is February (19mm).

Where does it rain the most in Ontario?

Most Wet Days

City Days Precipitation
London, Ontario 168
Guelph, Ontario 167
Sudbury, Ontario 167
Kitchener – Waterloo, Ontario 166

What is the rainiest city in the world?

The average annual rainfall in Mawsynram, which is recognised as the world’s wettest by the Guinness Book of Records, is 11,871mm – more than 10 times the Indian national average of 1,083mm.

What is the average rainfall in Toronto?

Annual average precipitation is 831 mm (32.72 in).

Is 1 to 2 inches of rain a lot?

1/2 (0.5) of an inch of rain – A light rain never reaches this amount, moderate rain for 1-2 hours or heavy rain for 30-45 minutes. … 3/4 (0.75) of an inch of rain – A light moderate rain never reaches this amount, heavy rain lasting for 2-4 hours. There would be deep standing water for long periods of time.

What if it rained every day for a year?

Another consequence of the persistent rain would be a severe lack of oxygen for us to breathe. Healthy soil contains oxygen. But with so much water in it, that there would be much less room for oxygen. Water erosion would expose roots, and make trees and plants unstable.

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What is considered high annual rainfall?

Rain forests are characterized by high rainfall, with definitions setting minimum normal annual rainfall between 1,750 and 2,000 mm (69 and 79 in).