Whiteshell Winters: Brian Gould Photography

The Whiteshell Provincial Park is a picturesque landscape for 365 days a year. In winter, the crystal-white snow, hoar frost, frozen lakes, and crisp clear blue skies prove this for a fact. And Falcon Lake cottager and photographer, Brian Gould, knows how to capture that scenery with a camera. Have a look of this gorgeous series of winter photos captured by photographer Brian Gould in the Falcon Lake area: 623-M 24-M 27-M 31-M Continue reading

Aron Coates Fine Art Studio

Coming from a construction background in West Hawk Lake, Aron Coates has been making the shift from construction to design and is currently working on his Masters in architecture at the University of Manitoba. Aron has built a beautiful portfolio consisting of a wide range of construction, sculptures, paintings, and design/drafting. Much of his work is inspired by and relates to the Whiteshell Provincial Park, particularly from hunting and fishing trips. Most of Aron’s artwork begins with the use of photography, and is then transformed into paintings. Here are a few examples of his Whiteshell-inspired work:Sailing LakeIMG_0847

Waiting for Ducks - PhotoWaiting for DucksWaiting for Ducks

These photos and paintings are from a duck hunting trip in the Whiteshell. These images are perfect examples of Aron’s ability to replicate photos with artwork. The first painting captures the early morning mist rising off the lake as they boat to their hunting spot, and the second painting portrays sitting in the bulrushes and waiting for ducks to fly overhead in the early morning sunrise.


This trout fish sculpture was done in winter 2009 using a 8″ radius ball of plaster. It was Aron’s first sculpture and may be his best to date. He began the project by poring liquid plaster into a plastic bag.

George TroutThis painting replicates a lake trout caught during an October deer hunting trip on George Lake.Post Foundations-Clay

Post Foundations-Clay 2Artistic Building Solution

These are two beautiful post foundation sculptures that are in-progress at Caddy Lake. The inspirations of these sculptures stems from a passion of fishing in the Whiteshell and from the concept of integrating water and fish. The sculptures are of two popular species in the area: Lake trout (see top photo) and walleye.
The project started from carving away at a solid piece of plaster. With this project, Aron intended on using the two different species of fish and the flowing water as a geometric pattern by using deep cuts into the clay.Post Foundations-Plaster CastPost Foundations-Concrete castPost Foundations-Concrete 2Post Foundations-ConcreteYou can see more of Aron’s work at aroncoates.com.

Wildlife of the Month Part I: Foxes

The fox is Experience the Whiteshell’s Wildlife of the Month for March. Foxes are a common siting in the Whiteshell, and during the winter they look gorgeous with their big fur coats and bushy tails. While most of the foxes in the Whiteshell are red, on occasion you can see silver and black foxes trotting around. Females foxes will be having their litters anytime between now and May, and a litter can be anywhere between one to ten pups. The average lifespan of a red fox is anywhere between three to six years, according to Canadian Geographic. Here are a few photos I have taken of a fox hanging out at our cottage on Star Lake. This guy likes to pose for the camera on the front deck and curl up in the snow and soak up the winter sunshine. He is about half this size in the summer without that thick winter coat.

Writeup & photos by Marney Blunt, Experience the Whiteshell editor. IMG_1005 copyIMG_1009 copyIMG_1008 copyIMG_1014 copyIMG_1023 copyIMG_1024 copy

Whiteshell Business: Tallpine Lodges

treesTJ and Sacha Harder came to the Whiteshell two summers ago and stayed at Tallpine Lodges, a beautiful couples-only resort located by the beach in West Hawk Lake. The two loved their time out there, and joked about how cool it would be to run the resort. They also quickly fell in love with the beauty of the area as well as the peace and serenity. The couple talked to the then-owners, only to find out that the lodge was going to be listed that upcoming winter. One and half years later, just before the July long weekend of 2013, they found themselves as the new owners of Tallpine Lodges.

unnamedTallpine Lodges has been a couples-only resort for over 30 years that offers a peaceful getaway even when the town is incredibly busy during the peak seasons. It is a popular honeymoon, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day destination. It is also a great place for couples to go just to get away from their hectic lives.

The neighbourhood deer are quite friendly.

The neighbourhood deer are quite friendly.

In the summer, Tallpines has a heated pool and is also just a two-minute walk from the beach. Tallpines offers bike, canoe, and jet ski rentals so guests can get out-and-about and enjoy nature. In the winter Tallpines has cross-country skis and snowshoes available for guests and is now offering snowmobile rentals so guests can head out and discover the beautiful groomed-snowmobile trails of the Whiteshell.

The interior of one of the beautiful cabins at Tallpines Lodges.

The interior of one of the beautiful cabins at Tallpines Lodges.

Tallpines has four different styles of cabins:
• The small studio cabin – Has a heart-shaped jacuzzi hot tub. Approximately 275 square feet.
• Deluxe Cabins – The deluxe cabins offer an open-concept and include a larger jacuzzi tub and a sauna. Approximately 450 square feet.
• The Luxury Cabin – This cabin includes a bedroom as well as a jacuzzi tub and a sauna. Approximately 500 square feet.
• The Luxury Plus – This is the biggest cabin at Tallpines. Includes king-sized bed (others cabins have queen-sized) as well as the jacuzzi and sauna.
• All cabins have a fully furnished kitchen, barbecue, electric fireplace, and satellite TV.

Book your Valentine’s Day getaway at Tallpine Lodges! For more information on the resort or for booking inquiries visit tallpinelodges.com or call 1(866)-349-2209.