2016 SNOWDANCE Festival of Music + Winter

It’s that time of year again when this cool little party happens out in the woods: An event known as Snowdance Festival of Music + Winter at the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes on Saturday, January 16 and Sunday, January 17.


Whether you want to hit the slopes, hang out in the chalet and take in the bands, or both – This is one woodland festival you do not want to miss out on.

This year there will once again be a variety of outdoor workshops the entire family can take part including igloo building, skijoring with dogs and horses, winter camping demonstrations, a frozen turkey shoot, ice bucket curling, shinny, a polar bear swim & sauna and much more.


A variety of local talent is set to hit the stage, ranging from bluegrass to pop to soul as well as some rock and roll. The Saturday night party will shuffle down from the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes to the Falcon Lake Resort. The lineup for the weekend:

Saturday, January 16 (In the chalet)
2 pm: Workshop
3 pm: The Hairy Prairies.
4 pm: The Falcon Creek boys
4:45 pm: Biped Radio
5:15 pm: The Heinrichs Maneuver
6 pm: Midnight Choir
6 pm: Feast
7 pm: Rayannah
— Party moves to the Falcon Bar —
9:30 Shotgun Jimmie + Human Music
10:45: Masheena
12: Peggars Banquet


Sunday, January 17 (In the chalet)
11 am: Sheena’s gospel workshop
12 pm: Taylor Ashton
1 pm: Workshop
2 pm: Well Sister
3 pm: Red Moon Road


Weekend pass (does not include accommodation) $45
Saturday All-Day Pass (includes evening) $35

Saturday evening only (9pm at Falcon Lake bar.) $20 (night tubing included with Saturday tickets.)

Sunday All-Day Pass $20

Tickets include all music and workshops. Admission is free for children ages 12 and under.
Ticket holders get 50 per cent off lift tickets at Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes.

The Falcon Lake Resort is offering room with two double beds for $50 for all festival-goers. Call 1(204)-349-8400 to book.

For more information on Snowdance, head over the falconridgeski.com

Photos by Emily Christie.


2015 Snowdance Festival of Music + Winter

68456_686433198076352_1639633397_nThe Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes are well-known for their music scene, with just about every employee at the hill being a singer, songwriter, or musician. If you’ve ever been in the ski chalet for live music on Sunday afternoons or during a concert, you’ll know this for a fact.  And if you want to check out their music scene and get a true taste of winter in the Whiteshell, then the Snowdance Festival of Music and Winter is what you’re looking for. Now in its fourth year, the annual festival is scheduled for this upcoming weekend, Saturday, January 17 and Sunday, January 18. Each year the event seems to keep getting bigger, and this year the folks at Falcon Ridge are geared up for yet another fun weekend of music and outdoor activities. Even the weather is supposed to cooperate! 1545124_686432894743049_1937661563_n 1528495_686434858076186_1639403337_nThe fun all starts on Saturday afternoon live music in the chalet and several outdoor activities. In true Canadian fashion, some of the outdoors activities happening throughout the weekend include igloo building, trapping demonstrations, canvas tent cabins, bannock-making, chilli-eating, hot chocolate-sipping, snowshoeing, nordic skiing, skating, turkey shoot, snow-ga, shinny hockey, sauna, a polar bear swim, and, of course, snowboarding, downhill skiing, and tubing. 1554532_686432978076374_1951544883_n1601561_686433121409693_1608695562_n1017398_686435194742819_624286109_nSome of the talented musical acts that will kickoff the festival on Saturday afternoon include The Heinrichs Maneuver, Holly Stratton, and Slow Spirit. The music will carry on into an evening dance party with Biped Radio, The Mad Trappers, Shotgun Jimmie, The Sheena Band, and DJ Co-op. The festival music starts back up on Sunday with Railroad Tye, Red Moon Road, The Reverend Rambler, and Kacy + Clayton. There will also be musical workshops offered on both days. 1505306_686433788076293_563554658_n1535639_686433694742969_123098480_n1618690_686433441409661_2127754596_nSnowdance is truly a great way to embrace Whiteshell winters and enjoy great local talents as well. For more information on Snowdance or for ticket prices, head here. To get a taste of what to expect throughout the weekend, check out this video of last year’s Snowdance Festival. See you this weekend in the Whiteshell!

— Written/compiled by Marney Blunt & Emily Christie. — Photos by Emily Christie.

Tales From the Whiteshell

Question: What do you get when you put three talented musicians in a beautiful and inspiring place for a significant amount of time?

Answer: An album called Tales From the Whiteshell by Red Moon Road.


Daniel Jordan, Sheena Rattai and Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner are the three musical geniuses behind Red Moon Road, and after spending much time in the Whiteshell, it was obvious that an album about the Whiteshell would soon be born.

“Daniel and I recorded some of RMR’s first songs out there (Whiteshell) and always thought of doing it officially in the future,” said Jordan. “When studio blues or frustrations rear their ugly heads, there is nothing like towering jack pines, blue water and soaring eagles to make everyone chill out.”

Tales From the Whiteshell was recorded at High Lake in the Falcon Trails Resort eco-cabins last March. The solitude of being tucked away peaceful in the High Lake cabins made it the perfect place for the band to produce a musical masterpiece.

“It provided a natural rhythm to the proceedings,” said Jordan.  “We woke up each morning, chopped wood to keep warm and heat the coffee.  Sheena got really good at chopping through the ice for water.  We would record all day until the solar power ran out shortly after dark, and then woke up bright and early each day to do it all again.  It’s great that no one’s cell phone really works out there, yet we were able to hook up enough Internet to send finished tracks to our producers in Winnipeg, and a fiddle player in Victoria.”


The songs on Tales From the Whiteshell were all inspired by certain things from the lake. Halfway to Juniper is described as a sprawling instrumental about the journey out to ‘Juniper’, one of the cabins at High Lake (High Lake cabins are isolated and not accessible by road).

“Lots of ups and downs, dips followed by exhilarating crazy ascents on rocky cliffs, always weaving in and out of the towering pines, and sometimes, you even need a push or two,” described Jordan. “We feel the song truly captures the ever increasing excitement of the journey out to Juniper.”

Even some of the Whiteshell wildlife was an inspiration to Red Moon Road.

Mighty Glad You Came was something I heard from a little bird. Literally. Anyone who has ever been to the Whiteshell has heard the song of the white-throated sparrow,” said Jordan. “As this song is on constant repeat from about 6:30 a.m. till sunset during the summer.”


One song on Tales From the Whiteshell is dedicated to a local business owner in the Whiteshell, who has provided great hospitality to the band.

“The song Craig’s Reel is even more tangibly tied to the region, being the romanticized biography of Craig Christie, the patriarch owner of Falcon Trails Resort,” said Jordan. “The Christie-Hamilton family (owners of Falcon Trails Resort) have been really kind to us, sharing their amazing way of life so generously, and Craig in particular seems completely at home in these woods and also happened to present a great song subject. The first verse goes like this:

The cold wind blows in the wintertime
The axe blade cuts a perfect line
The ski trail weaves through the towering pines
And the tall tales grow with the deepening snow

While Red Moon Road has travelled all over Canada, they still feel that no place compares to the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

“The country is full of beauty of 1,000 sorts,” said Jordan. “But there is something about wind scattering the sun on a pristine lake, blurring the reflections of the pine and carrying the scent of myriad of lake life that is pretty unbeatable.”

For more information on Red Moon Road, check them out here http://www.redmoonroad.com